1. The 2011 Africa Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) Awards, an initiative of the Africagrowth Institute, in partnership with governments and major organizations has awarded Guiding Hope, a 2008 SEED Winner, the first prize for Best New Business Award Sponsored by Pioneer Foods.
  2. It is with great pleasure and excitement that the SEED Initiative today announces the 2011 SEED Award Winners!
  3. 2011 was a remarkable year for SEED, where a record number of SEED winners were awarded. Read the new Annual Report to learn about SEED's significant expansion, and how SEED offers an ever-more comprehensive package of support.
  4. Oro Verde's Green Gold reaches the red carpet in Hollywood and is recognised by Greg Valerio at the launch of Fairtrade Gold

  5. Madagascar is working towards a national plan for marine turtle conservation.
  6. The Low Carbon Enterprise Fund was established to support small “low carbon” businesses in the developing world. The fund sits within the ERM Foundation - a not-for-profit charity - and provides finance in the form of loans and equity stakes to entrepreneurs in emerging markets.
  7. Three SEED Award Winners have been featured by other initiatives and organisations.
  8. We caught up with the jury for a little insight into the SEED Awards.
  9. The SEED Initiative is thrilled to announce its 2010 SEED Award Winners! From bamboo bicycles to fly-fisheries, from businesswomen's collectives to inspired youth, these entrepreneurs are building a more sustainable world, starting in their own communities.
  10. The 'green' gold of 2009 SEED Award winner Oro Verde has garnered international press coverage and is currently in the process of acquiring the Fairtrade and Fairmined labels.
  11. The Nicaraguan project, 'Lighting Up Hope and Communities', received a SEED Award in 2008 for its production and sale of solar products specially designed for local needs.
  12. Back in 2005 the Maya Nut Programme was selected as a SEED finalist for its impact on the lives of women and their families in rural Nicaragua and Guatemala.
  13. SEED's Executive Director, Helen Marquard, took part in September in a session entitled Social Entrepreneurship: A New Development Paradigm” at the 4th International Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility at Humboldt-University Berlin.
  14. Innovative “partnerships” will be the focus of a new global award initiative, the SEED Awards, launched today at the World Social Forum in Mumbai and the World Economic Forum in Davos.
  15. Over 260 new partnership proposals from sixty-six countries, representing 1,200 organizations, have been received in response to a call for submissions by the Supporting Entrepreneurs for Environment and Development (SEED) Initiative under its biennial Seed Awards programme.
  16. Through an annual award, the World Challenge has identified, for the past six years, projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level.
  17. Since they received the 2007 SEED award, “Nueva Vida” (New Life), based in the Ecuadorian Andes, has been able to make progress through new partnerships.
  18. The winners were selected from a pool of over 260 entries from 66 countries, representing 1,200 organisations.
  19. Entrepreneurs promoting a range of businesses – from community-based tourism in Brazil to Vietnamese bringing medicinal plants to the international market – are among 10 finalists announced today by the head of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) for a key sustainable development award.
  20. Seed Awards 2007 recognize, support and encourage the delivery of innovative, local, partnership-based solutions to global challenges of environmental stewardship and poverty eradication.
  21. At SEED, we celebrate and support innovative enterprises around the globe who integrate social and environmental objectives into their business models. On World Environment Day, we would like to give a shout out to enterprises who #BeatPlasticPollution everyday through their innovative products and eco-inclusive value chains.
  22. Regina Christina Andoh, ASA-Program intern at SEED, shares her adventures in entrepreneurship and motivation for joining SEED in Germany and South Africa.
  23. As part of the research agenda, SEED has published a new paper, exploring how the international development community approaches scale-up and replication.
  24. The initiative 'Innovative oyster, fish and algae aqua-farming' in the Cook Islands was one of the 2009 SEED Winners. The initiative co-farms fish with shellfish and micro-algae in inland ponds, drawing on the tropical climate, natural nutrient cycles and new harvesting technologies. It will now expand to Nigeria and Pakistan.
  25. From only a vision and informal association of diverse partners, the SRI Global Marketing Partnership (System of Rice Intensification), one of the 2005 SEED award winners, has become the catalyst for an international enterprise spanning several countries and exporting many tons of certified organic and fair trade rice grown by small farm families. SRI-produced specialty rice is now available in retail stores.
  26. Over the last few months the SEED Secretariat has attended all the award ceremonies and conducted workshops for each of the 2009 SEED Gold Winners.
  27. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has awarded Andaman Discoveries (2008 SEED Winner) the '2009 Best Green Tour Operator' title.
  28. Seeing the obvious parallels between her work and that of the Ban Talae Nok women's soap group, Mamta Chandarat, one of the partners in the Himalayan Oregano Oil and Sustainable Livelihoods against MRSA initiative (SEED Winner 2008), visited Andaman Discoveries (SEED Winner 2008), in November 2009.
  29. Jonathan Tillson, Head of the Sustainable Development Unit at the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and Chair of the SEED Board, explains UK’s plans in regards to supporting social and environmental entrepreneurs and talks about the focus on social and environmental entrepreneurs during the Copenhagen summit and the implications for COP16 in Mexico and about achieving a sustainable Olympics 2012 in London.
  30. T'ikapapa, based in Peru, beat nearly 1000 other projects from around the world to win World Challenge 2007.