SEED Awards

Recognising achievements of eco-inclusive enterprises globally.

“…SEED has helped us so much by training us in various aspects, like marketing strategies…how to approach our buyers and clients. We did not know that, we have never had training. …The SEED Award is so special because it comes with a training package that goes directly to people who work with the women.”
Adisa Lansah Yakubu
Shea Economic Empowerment Program

“This award gives us recognition especially locally and internationally and we believe we get more funding opportunities to expand our network. At the same time the support SEED is giving, especially the technical support is really important …. we take that as an important point for REN to expand its network and provide better services for the rural farmers and producers.”
Nilantha Athapattu
Rural Enterprise Network (REN) Sri Lanka

"SEED is opening us up to a whole different avenue that we had never thought of before, so it’s really adding a lot of value." Bevlen Sudhu

"The SEED Award is one of the most motivating things that has happened to us. Finally, someone who realises that what we do has significant global benefit."
Pauline Nantongo Kalunda
Trees for Global Benefit

"SEED is offering invaluable international networking. It is supporting us and opens doors accessing international markets for organic products. This is very crucial because once we have the market we can work on a better price for our suppliers.”
Francecah Munyi
Organic Farm Inputs and Farm Produce (KOFAr Ltd)

Are you part of a small and growing eco-inclusive enterprise that continues to deliver environmental, social and economic benefits to your target markets?

The SEED Awards for Entrepreneurship in Sustainable Development is an annual awards scheme designed to identify the most innovative and promising locally led start-up eco-inclusive enterprises in developing and emerging economies. Each year, multiple award categories are offered, ranging from country- or region-specific awards to thematic categories.

SEED Award Winners and Runners-up are eligible for participation in our Accelerator and Catalyser programmes, respectively. Our Catalyser and Catalyser Pro support high-achieving enterprises to scale up and optimise their eco-inclusive impacts.


Green Entrepreneurship Awards 2024 Call for application is OPEN NOW!


The SEED Awards have celebrated and supported the further advancement of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship while generating key impacts:
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Organisations engaged as partners
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What does the SEED Award Prize offer?

As a SEED Award Winner or Runner-up you will receive a customised SEED Support Package, which includes the tools and guidance required for your enterprise to emerge from the start-up stage and effectively scale-up the positive environmental, social and economic benefits which you deliver to your target markets.

The SEED Support Package is delivered through our Accelerator programme (for Winners) and Catalyser programme (for Runners-Up).


Participate in Business Planning Workshop and receive one-on-one Expert Advisory services on business and financial planning for scale up of eco-inclusive enterprise activities.


Receive multiple opportunities for your enterprise to be profiled at a high-level Awards Ceremony, through global SEED communication networks and via your own SEED Enterprise Profile.


Apply SEED Toolkit of collaborative and hands-on design thinking methods to identify enterprise development priorities for funding strategising, stakeholder mapping and impact measurement.


Access SEED's extensive network of established eco-inclusive enterprises, funders, and policy-makers, including previous Award Winners and Ecosystem Building programme participants.

Who selects SEED Award Winners?


The SEED Awards Jury – an independent panel of experts from various fields of sustainable development – has generously offered its time to help identify the most promising partnerships from the many applications received each year for various SEED Awards schemes. To ensure consistency of approach, the Jury always contains several Jurors from previous years.


SEED Award Recipient criteria

Enterprises which fulfil the following requirements are invited to apply to be a SEED Award recipient. Please click on each criterion check mark () for more information:

Demonstrate entrepreneurship and innovation

Deliver economic, social and environmental benefits

Have potential to scale-up and/or be replicated in other contexts

Are at early stages of implementation

Have intention and potential to become financially stable

Are a partnership between different stakeholder groups

Are locally driven or locally led

Meet country and/or sector requirements

How to Create your SEED Account

Application Information & Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Do you have questions about your application for the Awards 2023? Download the Application Guides and FAQ below.

You can also send your questions to the Awards email at

Meet the 2021 SEED Award recipients

From 900+ applications across 9 countries - Ghana, Indonesia, India, Thailand, Uganda, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe - 9 Winners and 37 Finalists were selected. These winners offer products and services that innovate ways for their value chains to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change. These enterprises have already achieved great success but are looking to scale-up their environmental, social and economic impacts. They require your support to do so. We invite you to discover and collaborate with SEED Award recipients.

Currently, we offer the SEED Awards programme in the following countries:

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Meet SEED Award recipients who innovate solutions for sustainable development.

SEED Library

In the SEED Library you can explore case studies, news and blog posts about previous SEED Award recipients.


Selina Blum

SEED Awards Coordinator

Our SEED Awards Coordinator is available to answer questions regarding the application process, provide press materials and facilitate media relations.