Green Finance

Designing innovative climate finance instruments to support SMEs

Despite a growing commitment to financing small and medium enterprises (SMEs) through climate finance flows – climate finance has to-date largely overlooked the role of SMEs for climate action and lacked innovative solutions to fill this missing middle financing gap. The lack of focus on SMEs in multilateral climate fund projects and growth finance hinders the capacity of the whole SME sector to realise its contributions to inclusive economic development and achieve climate as well as social impacts at scale.

SEED works with various stakeholders on the design and implementation of green financing approach SMEs worldwide through its financing labs. As countries seek to achieve the global SDGs and NDCs, we also research the types of financial instruments and the role of different finance practitioners and policy-makers in supporting tailored finance for SMEs.

To know more about SEED’s work in the area of climate finance, check out our recent workshop – Hack for Climate Finance in Bangkok’ and read our publication – ‘Translating Climate Finance into Climate Action on the Ground: Leveraging the Potential of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

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Camilla Shearman

SEED Green Finance Specialist