Translating Climate Finance into Climate Action on the Ground: Leveraging the Potential of Small- and Medium-sized Enterprises

SEED Climate Finance for SMEs Report

Small- and medium-sized enterprises account for over 35% of GDP contributions and around 50% of all global employment, making them fundamental economic actors. Despite their central role,  there is tremendous potential for these key actors to assume a larger role in combating localised climate-related challenges. SMEs in emerging markets and developing countries are well positioned to deliver climate action from the ground up through their inclusion of local communities as well as their delivery of climate-smart products and services in essential fields such as clean energy and climate-smart agriculture. This report from SEED offers insights into the contributions of SMEs to climate adaptation and mitigation. As countries seek to achieve the global SDGs and NDCs, this report urges climate finance practitioners and policy-makers to pay greater attention to SMEs as fundamental actors in delivering inclusive climate action.

Read the report to learn more about how SMEs in emerging economies help their local communities adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change, and how this community engagement paves the way for providing secure livelihoods and a more sustainable future for all. 


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