Circular Economy

Closing the loop for resource-efficient production and waste management.

Circular Economy

Global strategies to achieve a circular global economy often overlook the contributions of smaller, locally-led enterprises and the need for market-based solutions specific to emerging economies.

The majority of mainstream business models operate the “take, make and dispose” way of production and consumption. In order to preserve valuable natural resources for future generations and conserve biodiversity, active support for a circular economy transition is required. The enterprises that we support at SEED are proving the transformative potential of business models driven by social, economic and environmental sustainability objectives. They have adopted business models premised on up and re-cycling, resource efficiency, ensuring valuable resources are not simply discarded but live on in innovative products and services. By adopting innovative business models, these enterprises lead on and contribute to a more circular global economy.

Through our Direct Enterprise Support programmes, we help enterprises develop, scale and replicate resource efficient, closed-loop and circular business models.

Within our Ecosystem Building activities we identify and advocate for supportive local, national and international policy measures conducive to the success of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. Our programmes facilitatethe co-creation of policy and financing solutions by leading experts to build the capacity and multiply the environmental, social and economic impacts of these enterprises.

Meet innovators of closed-loop business models

From waste reduction to collection, recycling and upcycling, SEED-supported enterprises have innovated products and services that are attractive to consumers, inclusive of local suppliers and distributors, and resource efficient. These enterprises launch sustainable products and services and prove that inclusive economic development is possible within our ecological boundaries.


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Over the years, we have published articles, blogs and publications on the contribution of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship towards innovating closed-loop solutions for a Circular Economy.

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SEED Library

In the SEED Library you can read our news, blog and publications about how small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises are leading the Circular Economy transition through their innovative products and services.

Support the Circular Economy transition

The success of the global transition to a Circular Economy depends on multi-stakeholder collaboration that involves and promotes smaller enterprises at the base of our global economy. We facilitate the design of financing and capacity-building instruments that include small and growing enterprises in markets and provide these enterprises with platforms to be heard during high-level discussions.

Amar Munnolimath

SEED Circular Economy Specialist

Our SEED Circular Economy Specialist is available to discuss collaboration opportunities, receive comments or respond to questions.