Our Topics

Driving global agendas for inclusive, green economies in emerging markets and beyond.

At SEED, we are committed to green and inclusive change driven by the efforts of small and growing enterprises positioned directly within communities in developing countries and emerging markets. These eco-inclusive businesses possess the proven transformative power to lead Climate Action and the transition to a Circular Economy while achieving the global Sustainable Development Goals.

A dynamic private sector driven by social and environmental enterprises creates green jobs, stimulates local economies, strengthens communities and enhances environmentally sound management practices. Small and growing enterprises are the backbone of the global economy, and generate over 60% of permanent, full-time employment in developing countries and emerging markets. The enterprises that we empower through our multiple SEED programmes not only stimulate economic growth through the provision of innovative goods and services. They are ideally located within communities to generate lasting social and economic opportunities, especially for marginalised people. They employ low-income or vulnerable populations, including women and unemployed youth, or incorporate these populations in their value chains as suppliers, distributors and consumers. They combat environmental degradation and pioneer business models based on environmentally responsible products, services and value chains to mitigate and/or adapt to climate change.

We invite you to read our perspectives on core topics, share your own and optimise the impacts of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship through collaboration, policy advocacy and sustainable financing solutions.