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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or business owner looking for inspiration and partnerships that help you to build an eco-inclusive business model?

Our SEED Replicator pairs you – as an (aspiring) entrepreneur – with established enterprises that have successfully implemented eco-inclusive business models in another location. As an ambitious entrepreneur during the Replicator process, you will be equipped with hands-on tools and business blueprints which are proven to be profitable, deliver combined environmental, social and economic benefits and are easily adapted to different contexts.

You will be guided by our experts during a Replicator Workshop to take the first steps toward starting your own enterprise, inspired by the secrets of successful enterprises. Our unique SEED Platform connects you to other eco-inclusive enterprises around the globe to facilitate lasting business partnerships of mutual benefit. As a SEED Replicator alumnus, you will be equipped with the tools and partnerships to then establish your own business and generate social, environmental, and economic change.

You can find out more about and apply to all upcoming Replicator programme openings via our Join In page.


What does the SEED Replicator Offer?

As a Replicator participant, you will receive business planning insights and tools to design or refine a business idea to make it ready for the next stage of enterprise development. We apply our experience of over fifteen years building the capacities and celebrating the successes of eco-inclusive enterprises to deliver a hands-on 2-day programme that allows you to learn, ideate, network and connect with other motivated business innovation leaders.

The SEED Replicator has generated key impacts to successfully support other entrepreneurs like you to start-up:

How does the SEED Replicator process work?

The two-day SEED Replicator Workshops support participants in a two-fold way. As an incubation workshop, it helps to identify opportunities for enterprise creation, impact generation, own ideation, and business model innovation. On top of this, it specifically aims for the integration and replication of existing best practices, as well as the adaptation of proven business models. The process of replication is not a means of copying and pasting exact replicates of the original business model but rather a process of adapting the most relevant business elements to another context. Therefore, the SEED Replicator targets both entrepreneurs without a specific business idea as well as entrepreneurs with an early-stage business who are trying to identify partnership opportunities.

For participation in the SEED Replicator, you must demonstrate a high level of motivation and engagement with social and environmental entrepreneurship and the ambition to continue developing your business idea in partnership with others. Participation and workshop materials are free of cost but you are required to cover your own travel and accommodation costs.



Select target sector for business planning during the SEED Replicator process based on your expertise and objectives for environmental, social and economic impacts.

As an aspiring entrepreneur, business owner looking to expand or refine your business model, or NGO seeking to become financially independent, you are invited to apply for the SEED Replicator. During the application process via our SEED Platform, you will be asked to identify which sector you would like to focus on during SEED Replicator Workshop – the next stage of the Replicator process. Sector selection is based on your particular expertise, interests and understanding of major environmental, social and economic challenges in your target market.

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Next step: Participate in SEED Replicator Workshop where you will access sector-specific insights based on your sector selection as we guide you in planning your own eco-inclusive enterprise path.



Participate in a SEED Replicator Workshop and develop your own enterprise blueprint with the support of our business insights and tools.

Our experienced and professional facilitators support you to adapt proven business models to your business context during an intensive, interactive two-day workshop. As a participant, you are provided with toolified capacity-building guidance led by insights into successful eco-inclusive enterprises, design-thinking tools and collaborative peer-learning opportunities.

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Our Replicator Workshops guide you through one of our tested and proven SEED Replicator Workbooks which are designed with a hands-on approach to Detect, Determine, Discover and Develop your own business that generates environmental, social and economic benefits for your target market.

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Next Step: Apply your newly developed enterprise blueprint created during the Replicator Workshop to identify partnership opportunities and start-up your own eco-inclusive enterprise.



Reach out to potential partners and match with leading eco-inclusive enterprises across the globe via our online platform.

Our online SEED Platform enables you to collaborate and partner with successful enterprises – including those who inspired the SEED Replicator Workbooks used during the workshop phase – across regions and sectors which are profitable, environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive. The platform also provides digital access to further expert guidance on proven approaches and supports the progression of your potential replication partnership. Our digital platform invites you to upload your replication proposal and access feedback from experienced entrepreneurs.

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Next Step: Catalyse the partnerships made via our online matchmaking platform to build your support network and refine your business plan to guarantee success during your enterprise start-up.



Begin building lasting partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

If you were successfully matched to the enterprise you have selected, you are ready and equipped to establish a replication partnership. You will now start to discuss ideas on how to collaborate – this could mean exchanging ideas and insights into your markets, your products, your marketing or distribution channels or to set up more formalised collaboration arrangements such as distribution partnerships, joint ventures or franchising.

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Next step: Start-up your enterprise and its positive eco-inclusive contributions.



Benefit from our extensive network of eco-inclusive enterprises, experienced business development service providers, and supportive partners as they work towards the next stages of enterprise growth.

SEED Grants

As a successful and highly motivated alumnus of our SEED Replicator incubation programme, you are invited to apply for a SEED Grant which pays for your immediate necessary activities, measures or machinery required to establish the new enterprise. All SEED Grants are advertised and dispersed via our SEED Platform.


SEED Starter Package

For high-achieving Replicator alumni, we offer additional start-up support through the SEED Starter package. The SEED Starter Package connects you as a former Replicator participant with a broader network of SEED stakeholders and fast-tracks the transformation of your business roadmaps into reality.


Next step: Remain an active member of our SEED network via our online platform, by participating in our other programmes and by updating us on how you are generating environmental, social and economic benefits.


Vision for Change: Replicating enterprise success

The adaptation of tested business models to new contexts is an effective and efficient way to extend the reach of eco-inclusive enterprises beyond their target communities. Replication of success is achieved by gathering lessons and adapting ideas, methods and processes for enterprise development to new locations. Rather than starting from zero – at the earliest stages of ideation and without a support network of experienced partners  – replication (and our SEED Replicator):

Replicator facts

Discover more about SEED Replicator approach and outcomes

Various entrepreneurs have already developed innovative business models that turned out to be successful and create relevant social, economic and environmental impacts. Replicating solutions that work can offer a fast and effective way to contribute to sustainable development and improve livelihoods. We developed our Replicator programme to guide you through the process of transferring a proven business model to another geographic location while following our unique methodology and tools.

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Our Replicator Workbooks identify best practices and shed light on conditions under which eco-inclusive enterprises in your sector operate. They include exercises that will guide you to explore your market and adapt business models to your context. Explore the 15 workbook previews and join in the SEED Replicator programme to take the next step in establishing your own eco-inclusive enterprise. Additionally, we have published various news, blogs and publications on our methodology and the proven value of replication for effectively promoting eco-inclusive entrepreneurship for sustainable development.


Are you an entrepreneur looking to share innovative ideas, build partnerships and jump-start your own enterprise? Participate in a Replicator Workshop near you!

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In the SEED Library you can explore SEED Replicator Workbook teasers, read the latest news and blog posts and discover evidence of the transformative power of replication.
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