Enabling eco-inclusive enterprises to start up and scale up through targeted financing solutions.

SEED Finance activities identify and support the implementation of financing solutions for small and growing eco-inclusive enterprises whose business activities address global environmental, social and economic challenges. Our extensive experience supporting eco-inclusive entrepreneurship through our multiple Direct Enterprise Support and Ecosystem Building programmes has taught us the importance of improving access to targeted financing solutions in order to multiply opportunities for enterprise scale-up and environmental, social and economic impacts. We actively engage financial institutions and other climate finance practitioners to advise on and design innovative climate finance products which are catered specifically to small and growing enterprises. Additionally, we provide enterprises with direct financing options in the form of loans and grants that vary from year to year.

Whether you are a member of a financial institution, investor, NGO with a strong finance focus or an eco-inclusive enterprise who is seeking additional financing opportunities to scale-up your business activities, please explore our SEED Grants and SEED Practitioner Labs Climate Finance pages to discover more and facilitate access to financing solutions that promote socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable economies.