SEED Accelerator Alumni

Our SEED Accelerator programme develops the investment readiness and operational excellence of established eco-inclusive enterprises looking to scale-up. Participating enterprises receive a one-year support package that includes tailored needs assessment, capacity-building workshops, and one-on-one advice. Qualified enterprises are empowered through our Accelerator programme to improve their investment readiness and optimise their financial resources. All featured SEED Accelerator Alumni have successfully completed the Accelerator programme and are in the process of scaling-up to multiply their environmental, social and economic impacts.


Botanica Natural Products

2014 SEED South Africa Award
BiodiversityAlldays, Limpopo, South Africa

Frontier Markets: Last Mile Distribution for Solar

2014 SEED Low Carbon Award
Clean EnergyJaipur, India

Green Heat

2014 SEED Low Carbon Award
Waste ManagementKampala, Uganda


2014 SEED South Africa Award
Waste ManagementPinetown, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa


2014 SEED Low Carbon Award
Waste ManagementAntioquia, Colombia

Nuru Energy

2013 SEED Low Carbon Award
Clean EnergyUganda

Tambul Leaf Plates

2013 SEED Low Carbon Award
Green TechnologiesBarpeta, India

Imai Farming Cooperative

2011 SEED Award
Sustainable AgriculturePolokwane, South Africa

Reclaiming Livelihoods – Mooi River Waste Reclaiming

2010 SEED Award
Waste ManagementPietermaritzburg, South Africa