4 years of promoting entrepreneurship for sustainable development in Indonesia

SEED 20 Years Celebration in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Yogyakarta, Monday 12th December 2022 – The SEED Indonesia Hub was driving the development of innovative finance instruments in decentralised mini-grid financing as well as blockchain-based conservation finance for the rich Indonesian natural assets. At the policy level, the hub is jointly with local partners advocating to link better public procurement processes with sustainable SMEs in order to strengthen local green markets.

The Indonesian government launched the Low Carbon Development Initiative (LCDI) mainstreaming low-carbon development and poverty alleviation into Medium-Term National Development Plan (RPJMN) 2020-2024 to transform its economy while while maintaining economic growth. Since 2018, the SEED Indonesia Hub supports the uptake of eco-inclusive enterprise models that support the transformation in key LCDI sectors such as waste, agriculture, energy and forestry. The SEED Indonesia Hub is hosted by Instellar.

As part of SEED’s 20 Years celebration globally, the SEED 20 Years Celebration was held in the Greenhouse Boutique Hotel, Yogyakarta, to celebrate and reflect on SEED’s work in Indonesia. The event brought together stakeholders of SEED’s various programmes including beneficiary MSMEs, partners, and ecosystem players in the climate-smart entrepreneurship space. “We are happy to be invited to the SEED 20y Celebration and meet aspiring eco-inclusive entrepreneurs. We hope that their ideas can be successfully realised and provide benefits to society and the environment. We also hope SEED provides continuous support for aspiring entrepreneurs to help them realised their business and bring more impact to the world,” said Nissa Nurrhomah, Project Lead of Komodo Water.

In the opening remarks, Romy Cahyadi, CEO of Instellar, urged MSMEs and all players in the entrepreneurship promotion sector to take advantage of SEED’s programmes in Indonesia such as SEED Replicator Workshop and Starter. As one of the facilitators for the SEED Replicator Workshop, Romy Cahyadi also gave insight about what is important to become a successful founder and his hopes for the participants. “Becoming a founder is not easy. Especially in the long-term time, you need to have a good support system to keep going. We hope that the SEED Replicator Workshop and the SEED 20 Years Celebration can be a source of learning, inspiration, networking and support system for you to continuously build sustainable business.”

During the SEED 20 Years Celebration, there were also presentations from three SEED Awards alumni: Project Lead of Komodo Water – Nissa Nurrohmah, Director & Co-Founder of Biopac – Noryawati Mulyono, and CEO & Co-Founder of Perfect Fit – Tungga Dewi. As the 2019 SEED Low Carbon Award in Clean Energy, Komodo Water provides solar powered fresh water & ice solutions for fishing communities. They use efficient reverse osmosis machines and icemakers powered by solar technology. The 2021 SEED Low Carbon Award in Water, Sanitation & Health (WASH) – Perfect Fit, empowers menstruating people to have safe and dignified menstruation experiences. Biopac is a 2021 SEED Low Carbon Award in Green Technologies. The enterprise manufactures seaweed-based packaging to replace single-use plastic and GHGs.

For more information, or for interview requests with the SEED team, please contact:

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Indonesia Country Liaison, SEED

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