Worldtech Consult

Solar powered walk-in coldrooms extend the shelf life of pershable crops
2021 SEED Starter Team Clean Energy Accra, Ghana

Worldtech Consult is a renewable energy start-up which specializes in the design, development and installation of solar powered walk-in coldrooms to extend the shelf life of perishable crops. The vision is to reduce food waste, adapt to climate change and improve the living condition of youth and women by creating green jobs.

The solar powered coldroom for market women and smallholder farmers can reduce the extent of damage and detrioration of vegetables on farms and market centers. The product extends the shelf life of perishable crops. Worldtech Consult products can also be used by farmacies, hospitals, factories and other service provider who need to cool down their products. All materials are sourced locally. The solar powered systems do also mitigate the consequences of regional blackouts. 

Eco-inclusive impacts

Solar powered cold rooms can revolutionize the storage of perishable crops.

Social impacts:

  • Creating green jobs for market women, small holder farmers and unemployed youth
  • Increasing income for market workers due to longer shelf life of crops and products


Environmental impacts:

  • Reducing carbon footprint in comparison to established coldrooms by using renewable solar energy sources
  • Using locally sources, reusable vegetable crates, preventing the use of wood for wooden crates which are not durable and deplect forests.
  • Reducing post harvest losses 

Economic impacts:

  • Maximizing income with the storage of crops in solar powered cold rooms, which is more economical for costumers and producers
  • Reducing dependencies on imported materials by using local materials for production
  • Multiplying effects on local community by stablizing monthly income structures of costumers



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

God's Glory School Complex is an educational institution to help educate children of market women in the community. Most of the customers have their children admitted in the school. Their premises are made available for meetings and programs organised by the market women. 

Carealot Foundation is an NGO that provides hunanitarian activities, community development and youth development. They help Worldtech Consult to liaze with market women, deliberate on possible ways operations could be run smoothly, monitor and check to give due deligence to keep the business going.

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Siabi Paul Senaye
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