Tilaa Ltd.

Natural & pure honey empowering producers in the western region of Ghana
2021 SEED Starter Team Sustainable Agriculture Tamale, Ghana

Tilaa is a social enterprise, which integrates beekeeping and cashew plantation. They specialize in the production and processing of organic honey, beewax, cashew nuts inter alia. 

The company currently owns 200 acres of farmland and 50 beehives in the Northern Region. They work together with a network of 500 women, who get trained on the best practices of integrated beekeeping  and cashew plantation, land management, climate mitigation and adaptation.

Tilaa distributes innovative environmental friendly concrete beehives and hybrid cashew seedlings to them, offering them both extension and tractor services.  This shifts the agricultural focus from less environmental friendly practices to a more sustainable way of farming. Tilaa buys the products directly from the farmers to proccess and package the honey, thereby ensuring a high quality product.


Eco-inclusive impacts

Promoting the shift towards sustainable farming practices

Social impacts:

  • Creating 500 additional green jobs due to the integration and network for rural farmers
  • Breating jobs for especially vulnerable population groups 

Environmental impacts:

  • Conserving 500 hectares through the cashew plantation, which additionally absorbes carbon and acts as a defense against desertification.
  • Protecting the Western Adrican honey bee, the Apis Mellifera Adansonil, which is adapted to the tropical conditions in Ghana

Economic impacts:

  • Growing farmers income by up to 400% per annum
  • Stabilizing income structure for especially vulnerable population groups



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Ghana climate and innovation center provides training on climate smart agriculture.

Ministry of trade and industry Ghana connects Tilaa with potential investors and also offers tax reliefs through ministry of finance and economic planning.

World Resource Institute offers training on conservation and reclamation of degraded lands

Miller center for social entrepreneurship supports Tilaa with capacity building and training on SMEs management

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