The Rockstar Waste Services Ltd.

Improving waste management services and educating clients on waste segregation
2021 SEED Starter Team Waste Management Takoradi, Ghana

The Rockstart Waste Services (Throws) Ltd. seeks to educate its clients on the importance of waste segregation and provide weekly waste collection services to its clients for a fee. Each client is having a separate-colored bin for storing the waste. While Throws Ltd. will sell the metals, glass and other waste to recycling companies, it will process the organic waste and paper into other products and sell them through third parties. 

The collection will be including residential, industrial, commercial and special waste. From the segregated waste, Throws Ltd. will produce the following products: briquette charcoal, animal feed, organic fertilizer, tissues, books, cartons and envelopes. The target market are schools, hotels, households, corporate organizations and construction sites. 

Throws Ltd. business is the only waste management company that is educating the general public on waste segregation, offering waste collection and recycling services at the same time. 

Eco-inclusive impacts

The enterprise shows the high importance of an innovative waste management system not only for the environment, but also the inhabitants.

Social impacts

  • Shifting attitudes about waste management activities within the community
  • Promoting participation and motivation to segregate waste
  • Reducing sanitation related diseases

Environmental impacts:

  • Reducing open burning practices and air pollution
  • Reducing indiscriminate disposal of waste
  • Reducting the amount of waste entering landfill sites
  • Increasing the number of recycling and circular enonomcy companies in Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolis

Economic impacts

  • Reducing cost burden on the central government.
  • Creating job opportunities for youth and women
  • Maximizing income for youth and women in the community



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

The Foundation First Charitable Trust and Freeworld International is responsible for the development of curriculums for training school kids and staff on waste segregation and other best environmental practices. 

Ghana Private Schools Association and Ghana Hotels Association both assigned Rockstar Waste Services to offer waste collection services to all its’ member schools and hotels.

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Albert Kwaku Abbeyquaye
P. O. Box MC 591, Takoradi
Takoradi, Ghana
Tel: 0240340727

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