Markets and distributes environmentally friendly fuel-efficient cook stoves.
2013 SEED Low Carbon Award Winner Clean Energy Bengaluru, India

Sustaintech offers different types of wood-burning stoves tailored to the needs and cooking habits of small-scale commercial cooks in India. As the company’s PYRO stoves require 40 % less firewood than conventional models, and have chimneys, they save costs, help to protect the health of their users and improve productivity. Sustaintech has PYRO Distribution Centres in strategic locations. It markets stoves directly to customers and offers commissions to customers successfully promoting PYRO stoves to their peers. It also collaborates with financing institutions providing flexible loans.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

Sustaintech's customers benefit from significant cost savings for firewood, improved health and at the same time, the environment benefits from reduced greenhouse gas
emissions and less deforestation.
  • Increasing public awareness of the benefits of resource efficient, climate-friendly lifestyles.
  • Increasing the income of low-income cooks by cutting fuel expenses.
  • Improving the health of stove users, thus increasing their productivity and working life.
  • Providing technical know-how and marketing skills to new manufacturers and salespeople.
  • Reducing the burning of firewood in commercial cooking by 40 % per cookstove sold, offsetting up to 300,000 tons of CO2.
  • Slowing down deforestation and reducing greenhouse gas emissions from transporting firewood.
  • Reducing resource and energy consumption in stove manufacturing and transport.
  • Creating additional job opportunities for new manufacturers and salespeople.
  • Increasing economic return through extended sales networks.
  • Generating revenues from carbon markets, allowing the stove to be sold more cheaply.
  • Improving agreements with financing institutions about low-interest loans for customers.



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Sustaintech India Pvt. Ltd leads the enterprise, marketing, distributing and servicing the cookstoves.

TIDE develops the technology and supports Sustaintech through quality assurance, training and technical advice for manufacturers and salespeople.

Villgro provided the initial financing and now mentors Sustaintech and provides close support for business development.

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Svati Bhogle
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Bengaluru, India
Tel: +91 80 23315656

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