SunnyCotton reusable menstrual pads
2019 SEED Low Carbon Awards; IKI BMU
Waste Management
Chiang Mai and Bangkok

SunnyCotton’s key business is merchandising cloth pads. The materials and production processes are locally sourced. Distribution channels are the enterprise's own e-commerce platforms and partner stores. Business communication is conducted via social media and conventional mass media such as television, newspaper, magazines and at cloth pad hand-making workshops.

The enterprise strives to maximize product efficiency and to enhance users' experiences. The revenue model is comprised of web sales, direct sales at events selling booths and channel through partner stores.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
SunnyCotton provides a sustainable option to feminine hygiene.
  • Empowering women by informing them about sustainable alternatives of feminine hygiene products, and helping them develop confidence in their femininity
  • Creating jobs for village women to work at home and build on their traditional sewing and weaving skills
  • Reducing waste as each pad purchased and used can reduce up to 12-60 pieces of disposable pads per year

  • Cutting down the cost of living on disposable products in the long run as a complete use of cloth pads can save 1,200-2,000 THB per year
  • Supporting circular economy by raising awareness and promoting green practices


SunnyCotton produces reusable menstrual pads. Key activities of the enterprise are merchandising cloth pads, spreading awareness on its use and benefits, and providing marginalised groups access to pads. The materials and production process are locally sourced.

Mae Khanat Karen Weaving Group Enterprise supplies community-grown organic hand-woven cotton fabric to make cloth pads.

Free Bird Café is a partner store that sells and conveys an awareness of cloth pads. It also hosts and helps organize workshops on handmade cloth pads as a donation to refugee women through Thai Freedom House’s outreach program.

Refill Station is a partner store that sells SunnyCotton cloth pads and raises awareness on zero-waste lifestyle in Thai society.