Sun4PureWater-Wupla Enterprise

Solar powered water pumping, purification and cooling systems
2021 SEED Climate Adaptation Awards; Government of Flanders
Water, Sanitation & Health (WASH)

Sun4PureWater, Wupla Enterprise provides affordable portable water and water purification solutions targeting areas that lack access to safe drinking water. The business model empowers communities to own and operate water kiosks to sell safe drinking water to the subscribed households within 1km radius. The water is pumped from a perennial well using energy efficient pump powered by solar PV.

In extension, the business owns a facility for assembling solar powered UV water sterilizers for sales to far-away customers to purify the water in their homes. The enterprise generates revenue from the sales of water and solar powered UV sterilizers to customers in out of reach areas.


Eco-inclusive Impacts
Sun4PureWater, Wupla Enterprise offers a solar powered UV sterilizer for water as an alternative to traditional boreholes to sustain residential potable water supply threatened by the impacts of climate change.
  • Empowering youths and women as last mile distributors for solar powered UV sterilizer products
  • Reducing WASH related diseases in the community by providing safe and sustainable water source
  • Training youths to do plumbing works to maintain local water kiosks
  • Supplying affordable potable water to help rural communities cope with water scarcity
  • Providing alternative sustainable energy through in-house solar PV powered UV sterilisers and energy efficient water pumps
  • Increasing annual income of households engaged as last mile sale agents for the enterprise
  • Reducing household poverty
  • Upskilling local community with employable skills in maintenance, packaging, sales and distribution


Sun4PureWater, hosted by Wupla Enterprise, is a Malawian venture based in Chileka, Blantyre that provides safe drinking water by utilizing the solar energy as a primary source of energy for water pumping, purification, distribution, and cooling. The enterprise aims to tackle the lack of access to safe drinking water in Chileka and aims to serve the needs of local communities along the value chain.

Green Energy Solution markets and distributes solar powered UV sterilizers to households in Blantyre and surrounding districts.


Puritech - Water Treatment supplies UV water sterilizers, equipment and offers technical support in water purification process.