Recycling for Environmental Recovery

Creating a value-added chain from recycling plastic waste
2014 SEED Africa Award Winner Waste Management Salé, Morocco and Villevieille, France, Morocco

The enterprise will create a value-added chain from recycling plastic waste. It will produce a range of secondary raw materials for the plastics industry such HPDE, LDPE, PP, PS and PET resin pellets, to supply domestically and to lucrative export markets. Additionally, a co-operative will be established to benefit waste collectors.

Existing plastic recycling efforts are small-scale and of poor quality. In contrast, this enterprise uses automated recycling processes. A waste collectors’ co-operative will ensure health and safety training, and higher returns for their work.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

In this value-added chain, direct and indirect jobs will be generated, improving the living conditions and social and economic rights of women. Environmentally, plastic waste is reduced, decreasing greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy including solar power and photovoltaic energy are used in the recycling plant.
  • Employing mostly women, therefore improving the livelihoods of women and families.
  • Improving the health and safety of waste workers and collectors, thereby improving the welfare of their families.
  • Offering summer vacations for 20 children whose mothers work in recycling plant.
  • Reducing plastic waste.
  • Decreasing greenhouse gas emissions: for every tonne of recycled PET, 2.3 t of carbon dioxide is reduced.
  • Educating schools and the community about recycling and environmental protection.


  • Creating jobs for women, who will comprise 80 % of the enterprise’s employees.
  • Stimulating the economy by establishing a value chain from recycling plastic waste and producing secondary rawmaterials for the lucrative plastics industry.
  • Lowering imports of resins.


This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Recycling for Environmental Recovery is a business that manages the enterprise, as its principle investor.

Institute for Research and Development (IRD) is a French research and development body that provides grants, expertise in the areas of project, networking, financial and technical assistance.

National Centre for Science and Technology (CNRST) is providing funding and expertise as well as improving access to public and private sector networks.

Marseille Innovation, Centre for European Business and Innovation Centres has 3 nurseries and business centres to house and support business start-ups in the fields of ICT, audiovisual, multimedia, optics, photonics

Fondation Banque Populaire is a non-profit organisation that helps to establish new businesses through research funding and other support.

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Abdel Ilah Ouassou
Residence Nassim Al Bahr, Hay Hajji, Salé Maroc/ 107 Chemin des Pradels 30250
Salé, Morocco and Villevieille, France, Morocco
Tel: +33 6 68 22 83 83

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