O Viveiro

Empowering women to foster organic farming and food processing
2015 SEED Africa Award; Government of Flanders
Sustainable Agriculture
Tete Province

The initiative offers training in organic farming, technology-enhanced food processing as well as on business management and sales to disadvantaged girls from the O Viveiro centre and women farmers from the community. The fruit and vegetables grown on enterprise and community land are processed into oil, jam, peanut butter and sauces, and then sold to the local market through O Viveiro’s two shops and restaurant in Chitima.

Women from local farms receive training on soil productivity enhancement and crop rotation techniques. The products are marketed through a micro-cooperative of women from the community.

The enterprise also supports food security by increasing productivity through improved farming and food preservation techniques and generates additional income opportunities for the community.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
O Viveiro has trained 20 girls in organic farming and food processing. The training sessions generate awareness on the importance of organic farming and diminishing the impact of chemicals on the environment while increasing soil productivity.
  • Generating additional income for local community via improved farming techniques.
  • Hosting and training 40 disadvantaged girls at the Centre.
  • Supporting food security through improved farming and food preservation techniques.
  • Promoting organic farming, thus reducing the negative impacts of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, while improving soil productivity.
  • Increasing resource efficiency by stimulating full usage of all harvested produce in various products.

  • Stimulating the local economy by enhancing agricultural productivity and local food production, and increasing employment.




O Viveiro fosters community development, food security and women entrepreneurship by offering training sessions on organic farming and technology-enhanced food processing practices to underprivileged girls at the O Viveiro Centre. The girls and a micro-cooperative of women from the local community are also responsible for the management of two shops and a restaurant selling their products.

O Viveiro Tete is a Mozambican NGO running a home and handicrafts training centre for orphans and disadvantaged girls, and marketing their products

O Viveiro Onlus, its Italian partner organisation, is responsible for lobbying, fundraising and international product marketing.

Braco Srl donated machinery and provided two technicians for a three-month training for initiative leaders.