NutriFood Tech

Environmentally and socially responsible production of nutritious milk products
SEED Starter Team Green Technologies Kampala, Uganda

NutriFood Tech is a social enterprise in Uganda at the forefront of nutrition-sensitive food processing. It is currently pioneering the production of probiotic fermented foods, mainly yoghurt, in communities around Uganda. NutriFood Tech runs and operates four yoghurt processing factories with a weekly combined volume of over 5,000 litres. 

It does so through training, market development and youth and women engagement to produce highly nutritious yoghurts on a small scale. These groups also receive equity shares in the processing factories, thereby benefiting economically from employment and ownership. 

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

Empowering local women and youth through low carbon milk processing.
  • Reducing carbon emissions by using biogas plants for milk pasteurisation and processing. 
  • Striving for low-waste production by using cattle waste for fuelling biogas plants. 
  • Creation of more than 75 jobs along the value chain, including full-time employment for over 35 youth and women.
  • Building markets for locally produced milk and enabling over 50 farmers.
  • Establishing a sustainable income for youth and women in rural communities.
  • Reducing employment and pay gaps for women and youth, with a goal of raising income from USD 5 to USD 12.


This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Hospitals aid in the promotion of probiotic yoghurt to patients, including malnourished children and HIV/AIDS patients.

Local schools support NutriFood Tech by involving it as a supplier for nutritious school lunch projects.

Retail outlets promote NutriTech Food products and provide community access to probiotic yoghurts.

Uganda Industrial Research Insitute performs periodic quality control and safety checks on the yoghurts.

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