Noble Agriculture Technologies

Providing demand-driven, tailor-made agriculture technologies and training to local farmers
2019 SEED Africa & South Africa Climate Adaptation Awards; Government of Flanders
Sustainable Agriculture

Noble Agriculture Technologies’ innovativeness is based on its ability to provide agriculture technology products and services to increase productivity and profitability by mitigating climate vulnerability of Malawian farmers. The enterprise provides solutions using locally available resources to carter for different levels of financial capacity amongst Malawian farmers.

The enterprise targets export-oriented farmers with high-value products and offers technologies to increase productivity such as greenhouses, high tunnels, irrigation systems, hydroponic systems, aeroponic systems, aquaponic systems and agriculture consultancy.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
Noble Agriculture Technologies has created employment for 141 people on both permanent and part-time basis
  • Creating 120 jobs both permanent and part time in 35 farms
  • Employing 16 full time employees working under the enterprise
  • Employing 5 youths at the Agriculture Technology Village
  • Identifying beneficiaries of the Smallholder Farmer Agricultural Technology Transfer Initiative (SATTI)
  • Training 57 farmers in climate-smart agriculture, conservation agriculture and modern agriculture
  • Advocating the use of recyclable materials in the 35 farms and communities
  • Targeting the training of 150 farmers in three years (50 farmers each year)
  • Increasing productivity and profitability of 35 farmers and 68 community members
  • Increasing revenue generation for 35 farmers and 68 community members by providing agriculture technologies which has resulted in increased income and improvement of livelihoods


The company provides sustainable, affordable and demand-driven solutions to farmers of all scales for increased productivity and profitability through reduced post-harvest losses. The company provides farmer centred designs targeting farmers with various financial muscle capabilities.

Produ-Hort Investment is an agribusiness supplying raw materials and also acting as a financial advisor to Noble Agriculture and Technologies.

Chrisvan Farms represents a demonstration site and on-job training facility since it harbours the technologies developed by Nobel Agriculture Technologies.