Technology to empower farmers and feed the world
2021 SEED Low Carbon Award Sustainable Agriculture Bandung, Indonesia

Neurafarm operates a freemium model where farmers can access +1,400 disease management in +140 commodities for free. For only $1.70 farmers are able to access premium features of the platform. They also provide Know Your Soil services ($6) that help indicate the right amount of fertiliser.

Dokter Tania, Neurafarm’s AI-powered crop protection and management app, is used in +200 cities in Indonesia by +15,000 farmers. They are paving the way towards data-driven farming and capturing valuable data at scale.

Eco-inclusive Impacts

Neurafarm empowers farmers through technology education and training on sustainable Good Agriculture Practices. The enterprise aims to reduce chemical waste and reduce crops failure rate by 10-15%, increasing farmers' incomes.
  • Empowering farmers to operate climate-smart farming through technology education and data
  • Training on sustainable Good Agriculture Practices for Farmers
  • Improving agricultural efficiency and provided +12,000 farmer consultations (2021)
  • Reducing chemical waste by 5-15% and producing healthier yields for farmers
  • Engaging more than 500 farmers via Know Your Soil and have processed the data of more than 15+ hectares of land
  • Democratising information about Good Agriculture Practices, and soil quality for agriculture


  • Increasing income of farmers up to $900 per hectare per season
  • Reducing crop failure and food loss by up to 10-15%




This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Singapore International Foundation provided access to experts in the industry and strategy. Neurafarm also received a grant and support in other areas to further scale the impact.

Telkomsel is the biggest telco in Indonesia with over 160 million customers. They incubated Neurafarm in 2020 and gave them funding, mentors and networks to scale up.

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