Nelplast Eco Ghana Limited

Recycling plastic waste into pavement slabs and paving tiles
2019 SEED Low Carbon Awards; IKI BMU
Waste Management

Nelplast Eco Ghana is a Ghanaian company that turns waste plastic bags, water bags, plastic film and containers into pavement slabs and tiles, which last beyond 35 years and are 800% stronger than ordinary pavement blocks. Plastic waste is transformed through an innovative recycling process to produce new construction materials.

The enterprise currently sells to private entities such as private individuals, businesses, churches and NGOs.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
Nelplast Eco Ghana helps alleviate landfills and streets from excess plastic waste, creating a more pleasant environment for local communities and helping informal waste collectors to generate a secure income.
  • Creating formalised jobs for plastic waste collectors (espeically youth and women)
  • Driving sensitisation and awareness programmes about waste segregation
  • Improving the capacity of waste collectors to generate secure income
  • Increasing the recycling of plastic waste from 2 tonnes to 4 tonnes a day
  • Improving public health indirectly by alleviating landfills and streets from plastic waste

  • Recycling more than 570 tonnes of plastic into 104,000 pavement slabs and 40,000 paving tiles per annum
  • Providing revenue to informal waste collectors of at least GHS 330,000 per annum


Nelplast Eco Ghana Limited turns plastic bags, water bags, plastic film and containers into pavement slabs and paving tiles.

JMK Consulting provides investment funding to the enterprise

Asase Foundation supplies compressed plastic pellets to the enterprise