Masupa Enterprises

Waste is wealth – making charcoal briquettes from waste
2017 SAG-SEED Awards; SWITCH-Africa Green
Clean Energy

Masupa Enterprises’ cook stoves and briquettes offer an alternative to traditional fuels for cooking, which are often expensive and have negative environmental and health impacts. The briquettes are made from trash found around cities like Kampala through the process of carbonisation.

The target customers are households and commercial customers, such as hotels, restaurants, bakeries and schools. In addition, women groups are trained on making and marketing the briquettes.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
Masupa Enterprises offers cheap and environmentally friendly cooking solutions - briquettes and cookstoves - to both urban and rural communities.
  • Training 400 people so far in briquette making, 80% of which are women.
  • Raising awareness on the negative environmental and health impacts of traditional cooking fuels, contributing to behavioural change.
  • Reducing average household cooking costs by 15%.

  • Reducing deforestation — every kilogram of Masupa briquettes replaces three to seven kg of wood.
  • Recycling waste — five kg of waste are collected for every kilogram of Masupa briquettes.
  • Mitigating carbon emissions resulting from the use of traditional cook stoves and fuels.
  • Establishing a market for waste products to engage youth, women and garbage collectors in collecting, sorting and drying garbage to sell to Masupa.
  • Creating up to four jobs for every 5,000 kg of briquettes produced.
  • Establishing a financially self-sustainable enterprise by the end of 2017.


Masupa Enterprises offers cheap and environmentally friendly cooking solutions to both urban and rural communities. Its briquettes are made from waste such as dry leaves, paper, peels and other fruit and vegetable waste and are sold together with cookstoves to households and commercial customers.  

Masupa Enterprises developed the technology and produces and sells cookstoves and briquettes.

Afribanana Products Ltd. assists Masupa Enterprises in creating awareness about charcoal briquettes for potential clients and provides training on fabricating briquette making machines.

The Centre for Research in Energy and Energy Conservation supports with testing the cookstoves and briquettes, training and awareness creation.