Farm AI application and digital ecosystem for climate resilience farming
2019 SEED Low Carbon Awards; IKI BMU
Green Technologies
Nakhon Nayok

ListenField applies scientific principles to analyse all relevant factors of rice production: 30 years of climate data, soil information, data on major rice varieties, and more than 100,000 observation points. They provide recommendations for improving productivity and reducing losses due to climate uncertainty.

ListenField also builds an ecosystem that empowers farmers and connects stakeholders. Farmers can sell their products on a digital platform, while digitised data also brings value to other stakeholders. Government agencies can use the aggregate data to better understand production and take action accordingly, while providing consumers with insight into where their food comes from and what planting methods were used. 

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
The FarmAI application helps enhance productivity and reduce risk due to climate uncertainty, as well as supporting organic farming methods
  • Improving farming practices, increasing productivity, and improving incomes with assistance from FarmAI application
  • Empowering farmers with knowledge to create and share agronomic insights in the communities through ListenField’s seminars
  • Contributing to the reduction of chemical load on environment
  • Delivering an average of 48-66% reduction of CO2 emissions compared to conventional farming

  • Reducing fertilizer expenses by 50% with information from FarmAI
  • Increasing income as organic produce sell for 20% higher, which equals 60USD/tonne in increased profits
  • Creating a trusted marketplace for all food supply chain actors using Food Chain Ecosystem platform


ListenField builds an ecosystem that empowers farmers and interconnects stakeholders involved in food production. The company gives recommendations for improving productivity and reducing losses due to climate uncertainty. Their goal is bringing precision farming to support smallholder farmers.

Ubon Organic Cooperative is a farmer cooperative in Ubonratchatani that deals with climate change risk reduction. They promote ListenField to their network.

RaiTong Organics Farm is a Thai social enterprise that is developing a strong community of local organic food farmers and customers. They promotes ListenField to their farmers.


Nakhon Nayok Province is a local government with 22,000 household farmers. They promote ListenField to create sustainable farming in the province.