Like Mountains

Providing fair markets to female wild harvesters and organic out-growers
2021 SEED Low Carbon Awards; IKI BMU
Sustainable Agriculture
South Africa

Like Mountains works with female wild harvesters and outgrowers, who grow or wild harvest organic indigenous and invasive essential oil materials. They provide them with a secure market for their product at a fair price, distill the oil and then find consistent markets for these environmentally-kind and fair oils. Like Mountains also produces its own organic oils.

Key activities include production, harvesting, distilling, marketing, and sales. Its customers are eco-conscious and health-orientated individuals who want to spend their money on sustainable products, as well as businesses with a similar customer profile.

Eco-inclusive Impacts
Like Mountains trains women from local communities and creates jobs and a fair and secured market for women from local communities. They contribute to the preservation of natural bushveld and increases the carbon-holding capacity of the soil.
  • Empowering women out-growers and wild harvesters through employment & training: more than 75% employees are women
  • Supporting organic outgrowers with cheaper seedlings, mentoring, and organic certification
  • Preservation of natural bushveld on the farm
  • Creating biochar from macadamia shells that are used as fuel in the coal boiler of the distillery
  • Increasing the carbon-holding capacity of the soil through organic practices
  • Creating job opportunities in local communities
  • Securing market at a fair price for female wild harvesters and out-growers



Like Mountains is an organically certified essential oil farm and distiller, growing mostly indigenous South African plants. Like Mountains works with female wild harvesters and organic out-growers, providing them with a fair and secure market for their raw product.

Hoedspruit Hub supports the design of the training programmes for outgrowers and wild harvesters.

Zingela Ulwazi and Aka’ani are exploring setting up networks of women who can grow and/or wild harvest essential oil material for the distillery.