L's Solution Ltd

Promoting, distributing and installing clean energy solutions in rural Tanzania
2014 SEED Low Carbon Award; IKI BMU
Clean Energy

Operating on the model of ‘going where the customers are at the right time’, the enterprise promotes and sells energy-efficient cook stoves, solar lamps and chargers at village trade fairs and general hardware shops. The enterprise also installs larger-scale operations such as water pumps, solar PV panels and electricity installations. 

During village trade fairs the enterprise strengthens its distribution network by appointing local entrepreneurs to become dealers and sales agents. The marketing team demonstrates the products to the public. Solar PV panels, efficient cook stoves and solar lamps also strengthen the health of the local environment. Less firewood and charcoal is consumed, decreasing deforestation and carbon dioxide emissions.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
The enterprise promotes healthier and more productive lives by decreasing both indoor air pollution and the amount of time spent on cooking and gathering traditional fuel materials. Solar PV panels, efficient cookstoves and solar lamps also strengthen the health of the local environment.
  • Decreasing indoor air pollution by 80% and reducing respiratory diseases.
  • Increasing hours spent on education and family time with improved lighting conditions and 60% less time spent gathering traditional fuel materials.
  • Reducing cooking time by 50%. 
  • Decreasing deforestation through the substitution of firewood and charcoal as energy sources.
  • Reducing fuel consumption by 60%.
  • Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 120,000 t within five years through 24,000 cook stoves. 
  • Generating income for at least 45 distributors and 12 mobile vendors.
  • Creating entrepreneurial opportunities for rural villagers as distribution partners.
  • Offering job opportunities in marketing and logistics.


L’s Solution promotes and sells solar powered lamps, chargers and cookstoves at village trade fairs and installs larger-scale devices such as solar water pumps and solar PV panels. By focusing on promotional activities the enterprise generates income and entrepreneurial opportunities for vendors, marketers and distributors, especially women. The products themselves reduce fuel consumption by 60 percent, reducing deforestation and reducing health risks from indoor air pollution.

L's solution Ltd. is in charge of importing, distributing and selling the solar devices and efficient cook stoves.

Bustani House Initiative organises the distribution and selling of the enterprise’s cookstoves to women groups, ensuring a sustainable supply chain. 

Epitome of Excellence Ltd. links the enterprise with rural communities in the Morogoro region, where it assists with capacity building and the distribution of cookstoves.

Care International is a non-profit organisation that helps to organise partnerships with village agents to promote and sell cookstoves.