Producing Chedza solar-powered backpacks
2023 SEED Climate Adaptation Award Clean Energy Botswana

Ked-LIphi manufactures and sells Chedza solar backpacks that provide light and power for up to 7 hours from a full day of sun recharging. The backpacks are equipped with an LED bulb, a solar panel, a USB charging port, and a lightweight backup battery.

Their business model incorporates two revenue streams. Firstly, they collaborate with NGOs, corporations, foundations, and governments to manufacture and co-brand backpacks for donation to students in African communities. Secondly, they operate a retail store that sells backpacks to tourists, hikers, and campers while also offering repair services and component resale. With confirmed interest from potential customers and a growing customer base, their market includes both local and export markets. Their innovative product addresses the energy needs of over 60% of Africans, providing an affordable energy source to students and individuals affected by power outages like load shedding in South Africa.

Eco-inclusive Impacts

Chedza solar backpacks provide sustainable solutions by using renewable energy and eco-friendly materials. By reducing fossil fuel usage and carbon emissions, there offer access to electricity and empower communities in sub-Saharan Africa. The enterprise also generates employment, offering environmental awareness and skill development training.

The Chedza Solar Backpack, equipped with a built-in solar panel, revolutionizes Botswana and beyond. It provides reliable power and lighting in areas with limited electricity access, benefiting students and enabling the completion of schoolwork. Harnessing solar energy, it contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, the backpack creates economic opportunities by allowing small businesses to utilize its power capabilities for transactions. It enhances educational outcomes by enabling students to charge devices and access digital resources, bridging the digital divide and ens
  • Providing access to electricity from the solar backpacks
  • Supporting students who lack access to electricity at home to charge their devices and complete schoolwork in rural areas
  • Offering training to rural communities about environmental awareness and skills development
  • Providing a renewable energy source by harnessing solar energy
  • Reducing dependence on fossil fuels, minimizes carbon emissions, and contributing to a cleaner environment
  • Using sustainable materials that can be recycled and are long-lasting


  • Creating jobs for people in communities, especially youth
  • Creating economic opportunities in Botswana by enabling small business owners to utilise its power capabilities
  • Facilitating transactions and conduct business in areas without reliable electricity access


This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

UNDP Botswana has trained Ked-LIphiBw on the ATISA Supplier Development Programme (SDP). The project aims to create demand-based, market-driven opportunities for SMEs to increase their competitiveness through the innovative Suppliers Development Methodology while connecting essential small-scale producers/suppliers to larger markets locally as well as abroad.

U.S. Army (DEVCOM)’s partnership with Ked-LiphiBw contributes to the enterprise by providing strategies for growth, grooming, and expanding their operations. The partnership also involves upgrading their Chedza Solar Backpack into the Chedza Military Solar Backpack, which serves as personal expeditionary power for military personnel on missions.

Botswana Green Building Council contributes to the enterprise by advocating green practices in buildings, engaging building inhabitants and policy-makers, and developing a rating tool for efficient building certification in Botswana.

Botswana Investment and Trade Centre (BITC) has provided training to Ked-LiphiBw on the use of the National Pride Mark, indicating the quality and readiness of their work/product for local, regional, and international markets. BITC plays a crucial ro

Botswana Digital & Innovation Hub (BDIH) contributes to Ked-LiphiBw’s enterprise by providing support and resources for technology, entrepreneurship, and commercialization. BDIH promotes innovative ventures and operates through its subsidiaries, Botswana Innovation Hub Properties (BIHP) and Botswana Innovation Hub Investments (BIHI).

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