Kayor Rural Energy, Rural Electrification by Photovoltaic Solar Energy

Facilitating access to modern, clean and renewable energy in rural areas
Clean Energy
Gaye Méckhé

Founded in 2006 by the farmers union of Mékhé, KAYER, together with microfinance institutions, provides renewable energy solutions to the households and organisations in the non-electrified areas. Energy is considered as a development factor for local socio-economic dynamics/actors. KAYER, in partnership with microfinance institutions, offers solar photovoltaic systems for rural households. The households finance the solar station with a credit granted by an MFI partner. They become owner of the bought material and pay it with monthly installments according to their incomes. This model aims to reach the low-income households while limiting the financial risks for the enterprise. 

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
Kayor Rural Energy empowers community members and organisations to get involved in income-generating activities by providing renewable energy solutions in the non-electrified areas.
  • Improving living conditions in the villages by introducing "public lighting" in community spaces, schools and health centres.
  • Ensuring access to information and entertainment.


  • Providing a substitute source of fossil energies (oil).
  • Reducing the carbon impact/footprint by using renewable energy.



  • Providing rural communities with access to solar energy which allows them to get involved in income-generating activities.
  • Ensuring affordable and easy access to mobile recharging, freezing and storing, recharging solar lamps or nocturnal craft activities.


An outstanding pilot enterprise launched by a community-based organisation that aims to provide solar energy solutions for rural communities. The partnership with microfinance institutions permits KAYER clients to finance their equipment with microcredit adapted to their means.

Union of Peasant Groups of Mékhé (UGPM): majority partner, pilot the company and coordinate the relations between the different partners.

Rural Cooperative Savings and Credit of Cayor (CREC): offers a solar micro-credit offer to individuals.

International Solidarity for Development and Investment (SIDI): provides advice on management and a line of credit (10-year equity loan) to refinance facilities at an affordable cost.

The company Alternatives Energétiques: brings his technical expertise for the transfer of skills.

The Midi-Pyrénées Region and the NGO Fratelli Dell'Uomo: have provided, respectively, start-up grants, and support for the institutionalization of the workshop.

The Senegalese association Jappoo Development: an enabled the realization of various support missions.