Horizon Business Ventures Limited

Producing natural essential oils to benefit local communities and the environment
2017 SAG-SEED Award Winner Sustainable Agriculture Mount Kenya Region, Kenya

Horizon Business Ventures produces essential oils from seeds and leaves including cape chestnut, marula, baobab and leleshwa. Local seed collection groups, mainly women, supply seeds and leaves to the women- and youth-managed collection centres, where they are purchased by the enterprise and delivered to the factory for processing.

The enterprise follows a market-led conservation strategy: commercial products are produced for a growing market while helping to preserve biodiversity. By-products are converted into animal feed and organic pesticides.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

By generating employment opportunities, especially for women, Horizon Business Ventures reduces poverty, enhances gender equality and stimulates the local economy.
  • Generating 74 job opportunities along the value chain by 2019.
  • Reducing poverty by providing a daily income of USD 4.20 during the harvesting season.
  • Enhancing gender equality by creating opportunities for women in skill development and entrepreneurship.
  • Mitigating climate change by reducing illegal logging and charcoal burning in collection areas by 40% so far.
  • Promoting tree domestication on farms.
  • Reducing the vulnerability of the ecosystem to climate change through the adaptation of tree-based systems.
  • Creating a market for raw materials resulting in an additional annual income of around USD 300 for up to 800 collectors.
  • Enabling savings and asset creation within the community; so far 300 women and youth have joined savings and credit cooperatives.



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

Horizon Business Ventures Limited is the leading organisation, involved in operations, research and business development.

Help Self Help Centre (HSHC) supported the initial research and development, building construction, purchase of equipment and market research and establishes networks of material suppliers.

Kenya Forest Services (KFS) is the legal custodian of the forest. They are involved in training on best collection practices and monitoring the health of the habitat in collection areas.

Community Forest Associations (CFAs) and women-managed seed collection centres are responsible for mobilising seed collection and promoting trees grown on farms.

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