Greenbelt Energy

Biogas and biogas stoves that cook fast, safe and clean
2021 SEED Climate Adaptation Awards; Government of Flanders
Clean Energy

Greenbelt targets women from low and middle-income households, creates a relationship with them through community-based direct sales agents. These women sales agents are the channels to reach customers coupled with other marketing channels such as social media, and public demonstrations at markets.

The enterprise’s main products are biogas and smart stoves. Greenbelt produces biogas from out-grower sourced animal manure. The standard stoves provide fast and affordable cooking. The smart stoves incorporate state of the art, internet of things, sensor technology providing gas quantity monitoring, and remote ignition and safety sensors.

Eco-inclusive Impacts
Greenbelt is offering local communities an alternative to charcoal and firewood, contributing to a reduction in charcoal-led deforestation that is aggravating climate-induced impacts such as soil erosion and desertification.
  • Empowering the community to take ownership of their energy resources and use them efficiently
  • Providing safe cooking methods with smart biogas stoves
  • Creating employment opportunities for and household energy decisions by women
  • Promoting more sustainable energy sources to charcoal and firewood
  • Encouraging waste management and increasing environmental awareness
  • Boosting energy efficiency and smart cities


  • Hire local craftsmen and artisans within the community in the operations and partner with 10 middle-scale farmers




Greenbelt Energy offers biogas as safe cooking gas for smart stoves so women can cook efficiently and cleanly. They make money by selling biogas and biogas stoves to other business owners, creating an inclusive bioenergy ecosystem and allowing the community to participate in mitigating energy poverty and climate change.

Msekera Junction Investment Park has its clients of its industrial park signed up to provides a market for biogas and smart stoves.


The Global Council for Sustainable Industrial Development is providing administrative support and governance towards the development of a project in the Eastern Province for a climate-smart industrial park. The Global Council for Sustainable Development is supporting the expansion and growth of Greenbelt Energy.