Fang Thai Factory (GROW)

High quality, environmental friendly rice straw paper
2019 SEED Low Carbon Awards; IKI BMU
Waste Management

Fang Thai provides one of the most environment-friendly options of packaging products in the market. Its paper is not only biodegradable but also water, oil and grease resistant with a non-chemical coating solution that is made from rice. Fang Thai currently targets like-minded business customers who share social and environmental concerns.

In addition to packaging products, Fang Thai offers handicraft such as notebooks, calendars and souvenirx with customised design and authenticity. It plans to expand its market capacity this year (2019).

Eco-Inclusive Impact
Fang Thai's rice straw paper products directly reduce GHG emissions and air pollution from improper crop burning and the use of less sustainable packaging materials.
  • Reducing air pollution levels in Lampang province by providing alternatives to burning crop residues
  • Providing non-chemical products to the market especially food packaging

  • Reducing 28,000+ T of CO2 emissions per year from burning of crop residue
  • Replacing unsustainable packaging with biodegradable rice straw paper
  • Contributing to reduction of deforestation 
  • Generating new sources of income for the local community, Bann Samkha - a village of 160 families
  • Creating a new industry and value chain of rice straw paper that boosts the local economy in Lampang


Fang Thai produces biodegradable paper and packaging from rice straw with no hazardous chemicals added during the process. With a manufacturing process that follows a zero waste management policy, the company uses rice straw in every part of the papermaking process.

Chiangmai University is the key partner of Fang Thai in terms of product design and R&D by providing laboratory services.

BAAC supports Fang Thai by collecting rice straw from farmers, provide a low-fare distribution service and financial support.