Solar wholesaler focusing on small and medium business clients
2019 SEED Africa Award Winner Clean Energy Harare, Zimbabwe

ENRAPOWER provides renewable energy solutions to households, commercial entities and utility-scale clients. As a wholesaler, ENRAPOWER focuses on the supply of renewable energy equipment for small and medium-sized enterprises. They ensure an efficient supply of these products through the sale of energy equipment, solar installation, and project management services.

The company also partners with equipment suppliers to train their network of partners for specific product-related knowledge. This establishes a network of distributors that is the core of their wholesale business model.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts

ENRAPOWER helps mitigate climate change by providing access to clean energy. ENRAPOWER also trains local women and youth in solar installations, system repairs and soft skills such as selling and marketing.
  • Impacting the lives of more than 2000 people through improved lighting, more productive activities and access to clean water

  • Supplying nearly 100 kW in solar energy equipment and the installation of over 60 kW in equipment 
  • Reducing the need for kerosene and timber as alternatives for energy creation

  • Employment-creation, mentorship and skills building for 10+ youth and women
  • Increasing income for farmers due to improved agricultural activities
  • Growing economic activities in communities through access to reliable energy



This enterprise is supported through its partnerships with various stakeholders, ranging from national and international organisations, investors, research institutes, suppliers, governmental bodies, NGOs, other social and environmental enterprises and more.

CDT Electrical is ENRAPOWER’s technical partner for installations as well as community trainings and engagement. They serve as distributing partner of the products.

4 Walls supplies ENRAPOWER with solar household systems from South Africa. They are also involved in the co-development of a community franchise system.

Solarsun is a distribution partner for solar energy equipment in Midlands Province Gweru.

Hybrid Solartech is a community-based organisation currently being incubated by ENRAPOWER

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