Providing an eco-friendly alternative to conventional cement bricks
2019 SEED Africa & South Africa Climate Adaptation Awards; Government of Flanders
Waste Management

The business model of Eco-Bricks is set on three main principles: education, environmental conservation, and economic development. Collecting and recycling plastic waste as well as manufacturing it into eco-bricks is the company’s core business. Selling recyclable waste to other businesses and offering waste collection services are also core to the business model.

With current production facilities, the enterprise is unable to meet high demand, and is, therefore, looking at expansion opportunities.

Eco-Inclusive Impacts
Eco-Bricks collects and recycles plastic and produces an eco-friendly alternative to conventional cement bricks. While doing good for the environment, Eco-Bricks also engages in educational programmes for primary schools, community organisations, and businesses on the topics of environmental conservation, effects of waste pollution and waste management.
  • Engaging 13 primary schools to educate and promote environmental conservation, proper waste disposal and management and effects of waste pollution
  • Training of 12 individuals from local communities on manufacturing eco-bricks
  • Collection of over 28,000 kg of recyclable waste
  • Recycling waste and turning it into paving bricks
  • Employing 8 permanent workers in addition to engaging with 20 waste pickers
  • Attracting investment and tourism into communities due to a cleaner environment


Eco-Bricks provides a solution to non-biodegradable waste within the community through the production of paving bricks. Made from plastic waste, these bricks are a better alternative to conventional cement bricks with regard to strength and durability while being environmentally friendly.

Environmental Management Agency (EMA) is a government organisation and is providing relevant contacts. It also supports learning literature.

Econet Wireless is a business that has been a sponsor for a school recycling competition and educational programme