Bio-watt Botswana

Affordable clean charcoal from organic biomass
2021 SEED Climate Adaptation Awards; Government of Flanders
Clean Energy

Bio-watt Botswana generates revenue from the sales of clean biomass charcoal that is made from organic material such as cow dung and other organic waste material. The raw material is then carbonised in a furnace equipped with smoke capture technology.

Raw materials are collected by a company van from different areas and delivered to the factory where they are dried and put into the carbonised machine. The finished charcoal is then packaged and distributed to the market.

Eco-inclusive Impacts
Biomass charcoal from organic waste presents an alternative to replace firewood in providing affordable and sustainable energy source, especially in rural communities that are highly affected by climate change.
  • Creating employment opportunity by hiring locals as staff
  • Reducing energy poverty and shortage by supplying the community with cleaner energy supplies
  • Providing affordable and effective alternative energy to entice people to divert away from firewood.
  • Using organic waste as main material to produce charcoal, reducing waste going to landfills
  • Providing employment opportunities for local community and contributing to local economy
  • Supplying local businesses with affordable clean energy to improve their energy costs


Bio-watt Botswana produces clean biomass charcoal and briquettes made from organic waste to provide clean sustainable and affordable energy for all. These charcoal and briquettes are made from organic material via carbonisation process.

Lesoso Multipurpose is a community-based cooperative which has partnered with Bio-watt Botswana, for marketing and distributing the products in rural areas.


Castrum engineers (PTY) LTD is an engineering firm in Botswana that assists Bio-watt with technical and skills development, as well as contribute technical assistance and machinery servicing.