Incubator Toolkit: Empowering local incubators to democratize access to entrepreneurial resources

The new Incubator Toolkit produced in collaboration between the Koalisi Economy Membuni (KEM) members, the SEED Indonesia Hub Host Instellar and SEED

Launching an incubation program for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) requires a strategic approach to nurture and accelerate their growth. Our Incubator Toolkit is designed to guide incubators in developing comprehensive programs tailored to the unique needs of these MSMEs. From initial assessment to post-incubation support, this toolkit equips you with methodologies and best practices, to foster innovation and improve their business capabilities. This toolkit empowers incubators to not only guide MSMEs towards success but also to adapt and evolve with the ever-changing business landscape, ensuring long-lasting impact and resilience.

The global landscape of MSMEs is evolving rapidly, with innovation becoming more accessible. However, disparities in resources often hinder their growth, especially in marginalized communities. Business incubators play a crucial role in supporting MSMEs and driving economic development. This toolkit recognizes that local incubators are uniquely positioned to understand and address the specific needs of their communities. We can unlock the untapped potential of MSMEs and create a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem by empowering these incubators with the right tools and strategies.