Establishing a Baseline for a Longitudinal Study of Eco-Inclusive Enterprise Performance

An Investigation Into The Triple Bottom Line Performance Of Micro And Small Social And Environmental Enterprises In Developing Countries: Establishing A Baseline For A Longitudinal Study

This study provides insights into how eco-inclusive enterprises can enhance their social, environmental and business impacts and how policymakers can create a more enabling environment for such enterprises to thrive. According to the survey, the SEED winners, for instance, are enacting change through capacity training and skills development as well as the introduction of new and more environmentally-friendly technologies and production processes.

However, the survey also underlined that two of the biggest obstacles for the success of these enterprises are lack of access to funds and lack of skilled people at the community level.

By tracking the progress of the firms as they grow, SEED seeks to understand what policy and decision makers need to do to allow these enterprises to contribute to a greener economy in the developing world.

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