Social and Environmental Enterprises in the Green Economy: Supporting sustainable development and poverty eradication on the ground - Analysis of a 3 year study for policy makers

SEED has worked closely with the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) since 2007 on a programme of research to increase technical knowledge and understanding about small-scale social and environmental enterprises. Based on the research and Symposia consultations, SEED was able to publish the following Analysis for Policy Makers, which provides new insights into the role of micro and small social and environmental enterprises as essential actors in building green economies. It is designed to:

  • Present the evidence base for the contributions these enterprises make and the enabling conditions required to succeed, drawing from three years’ of SEED’s survey, case study and field research with over 1300 enterprises in developing countries;
  • Incorporate views from national and international experts and decision makers on the place of entrepreneurs in driving economic, social and environmental change, drawing from SEED’s international Symposia on Entrepreneurship and the Green Economy in 2011 and 2012;
  • Propose recommendations to both national and international policy makers to strengthen and support social and environmental micro and small enterprises.