Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation to host SEED India Hub

Mumbai, India, 18.04.2023 – India is now a home to the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world. With the rise of digital technologies and an increasing number of young entrepreneurs over the past decade, the Indian startup ecosystem has come a long way. Circular business, Low carbon mobility, Sustainable agriculture, Clean energy and Clean tech sectors are poised for rapid growth and likely to play a significant role in driving the country’s socio-economic development. Many significant steps have been taken to boost the Indian startup ecosystem, yet lot more needs to be done to strengthen it for eco- or green enterprises that are inclusive.

To nurture eco-inclusive enterprises and to build a strong and resilient ecosystem around them SEED has partnered with Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation (Ekonnect). From April 2023 Ekonnect is hosting the SEED’s India Hub to scale the impacts of eco-inclusive enterprises. This partnership focuses on supporting eco-inclusive enterprises through toolkits developed by SEED; strengthening the ecosystem by supporting business development service providers, involving policy makers and financial institutions; capacitating university students and faculty through courses and curriculum development on eco-inclusive entrepreneurship; also, emphasising more on developing non-metro startup ecosystems through strategic partnerships.

“We are very happy to be the host of the SEED India Hub. This partnership will not only benefit the ecosystem of eco-inclusive entrepreneurs but help create green jobs, increase economic value of the waste streams thereby improving India’s resource security and importantly provide opportunities towards sustainable finance,” Dr. Prasad Modak, Founder Director, Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation, India.

“We are confident that working with Ekonnect will open new and innovative avenues and partnerships to boost the startup sector in India for eco-inclusive enterprises. We look forward to scale and replicate the impact through strategic partnerships.” Mr. Amar Munnolimath, Head of Programmes, SEED Global, Germany.  

Ekonnect has already supported SEED activities in India by implementing SEED Starter, Replicator and Catalyser programmes.


About Ekonnect:

Ekonnect Knowledge Foundation offers awareness, capacity building, education and entrepreneurship programs in environmental management and sustainability. Apart from above, Ekonnect also undertakes policy research and supports CSR interventions with community-orientation to catalyze innovations and foster greener investments. Contact Sivaranjani Subramanian, Vice President, Ekonnect sivaranjaniatekonnect [dot] netsivaranjaniatekonnect [dot] net (sivaranjani[at]ekonnect[dot]net) for more information.