GO4SDGs & SEED Regional Policy Labs

Showcase and replicate break-through policies for sustainability

The GO4SDGs & SEED Regional Practitioner Labs for Policy Prototyping (Policy Labs) showcase break-through replicable policies and policy programmes.

The Labs stimulate the development of innovative policy instruments that create enabling environments for green and social impact enterprises. The process facilitates the replication and adaptation of nationally designed & tested policy solutions in the region, based on the theory of change that replication is an effective and efficient way to solve similar problems across geographies. Stakeholders in the policymaking process are engaged through design-thinking tools that facilitate the synthesising of elements and conditions critical for replication and adaptation.





There will be two Regional Policy Labs in 2021:
Africa - 10 & 11 June 2021 (Event summary available here)
Asia - 2 & 3 December 2021


 Objectives of the Policy Labs

  • Deepen understanding of SDG relevant policy challenges faced by green and social micro-small and medium enterprises

  • Share national policy instruments to fuel green and social entrepreneurship as well as circular economies regionally

  • Offer design thinking tools that encourage cross-sharing, localisation and up-take of proven policy instruments in other countries

  • Facilitate collaboration and networking opportunities

  • Share outcomes from policy labs to other GO4SDG stakeholders to learn, build and scale green economy relevant solutions


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