Asia Future Lab for Innovation and Policy

Coming Soon: Future-Proof Solutions for Green SMEs | October 4th, 2022 | 14:30 – 18:00 (UTC+7) | Digital

SEED and Go4SDGs organise the Asia Future Lab for Innovation and Policy. As part of the Global Future Lab series, the event will bring together regional policy makers, intermediaries and SMEs to co-create and develop future-proof solutions. Designed to connect and leverage the expertise of key green SME stakeholders, the Global Future Labs will inform a New Green SME Action Agenda.

The Asia Future Lab (registration open)

The Asia Future Lab offers a platform for green SME stakeholders across the region to develop future-proof solutions for challenges in the textile-fashion sector.

You can find the agenda for the Asia Future Lab here.

The textile-fashion sector is one of the world’s key industries, offering employment to more than 300 million people, many of whom are women. Therefore, the textile-fashion sector remains crucial to realise the ambitions set out in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Yet, the textile-fashion sector is a major contributor to global environmental problems, responsible for water pollution, endangering the ecosystem and people’s health.

For a long time, Asian countries have dominated the global textile export markets. The size of the textile industry has been accompanied by often severe environmental challenges, such as water pollution. Today, after years of economic progress, Asia has also emerged as a major consumer of textile and fashion products.

The Asia Future Lab will discuss practical solutions and exemplary cases for the industry’s challenges. Green SMEs are pioneers in this process. They participate in a wide range of services, such as design and production, but also recycling and upcycling of textile products. With consumption patterns shifting toward more sustainability, green enterprises have a chance to step up by offering future-proof solutions already today.

Find out more about how Green SMEs drive change across the five action areas of Innovation, Non-Financial Support, Finance, Policy and the Market here.

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The Future Lab Series

The Future Labs target five action areas: Innovation, Non-Financial Support, Finance, Policy and Market. The insights from the discussions will provide concrete action items on how to better support green SMEs that apply circular technologies.

There will be four Global Future Labs engaging green SME stakeholders in the Agri-Food or Textile-Fashion sectors across Africa, West Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean and Asia:

  • Asia Future Lab on Textile and Fashion | October 4th, 2022 (registration open)
  • Latin America Future Lab on Agriculture and Food | October 13th, 2022 (read more)
  • West Asia Future Lab on Textile and Fashion | completed (read more)
  • Africa Future Lab on Agriculture and Food | completed (read more)

Green SMEs are at the forefront in the fight against the adverse environmental effects of the agri-food and textile-fashion sectors, pioneering innovative solutions along the value chain. The Global Future Labs will guide key SME stakeholders through discussing and developing future-proof solutions to these challenges.