SEED Annual Report 2023

SEED continues to support agri-businesses and circular SMEs

In 2023, SEED has been hard at work supporting SMEs and promoting their crucial role in advancing sustainable and eco-friendly future, as well as fostering the transition to a circular economy. We are delighted to share some of our most meaningful achievements and activities, as we reflect on the passing year.

In our efforts of promoting green entrepreneurship and emphasising the vital role of SMEs in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), SEED actively participated in key high-level events throughout the year, including the UN High Level Political Forum in New York and COP28

SEED's impact extended to various countries, including Ghana, India, Indonesia, South Africa, Thailand, and Uganda, where we successfully implemented Incubation Programmes financially supported by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety, and Consumer Protection.

Funded by the Government of Flanders, the 2023 SEED Climate Adaptation Awards celebrated 3 Winners and 15 Runner Ups each in Botswana, Malawi and Zambia. These enterprises were recognised for presenting highly influential eco-inclusive business ideas, earning them participation in the Accelerator and Catalyser Programmes.

Following the launch of our project in the end of 2022, the SEED Morocco project truly advanced in terms of programme content this year. Beyond deepening our understanding of the local ecosystems and the framework conditions for supporting eco-inclusive enterprises in Morocco through contributing to the development of country notes, the year 2023 focused on the execution of our incubation programmes.