A Year at SEED | 2018

Our annual visual report (A Year at SEED | 2018) celebrates achievements across both our Direct Enterprise Support and Ecosystem Building programmes plus shares our involvement in key high-level dialogues and milestones in organisational development, while introducing you to this year's SEED Low Carbon Award Winners 2018 who offer innovative solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation.

This 2018 report highlights growth in programme numbers and impacts; newly released publications and SEED Toolkits and Replicator Workbooks; our influence on global green economy agendas through SEED Events and SEED's contributions to high-level external events; development and refinement of Ecosystem Building programmes for financing and policy solutions which multiply the environmental, social and economic impacts of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship; advancement of our digital support platforms for SEED-supported enterprises, Business Development Support+ Advisors, and programme applicants; revamping of SEED communications to better showcase the innovators behind eco-inclusive entrepreneurship and cultivate opportunities for collaboration; and more.

In 2018, we are grateful to the innovative and visionary voices of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship across the world who have designed and adopted business models that deliver socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable solutions to their target markets. We also thank the diversity of stakeholders from the public, social and private sectors who have joined us in promoting eco-inclusive entrepreneurship for sustainable development.