Our Programmes

 At SEED, we build the capacity of eco-inclusive enterprises and develop a supportive ecosystem which empowers enterprises to succeed and scale up.

We recognise that no two eco-inclusive enterprises are the same – neither in terms of business model nor the context within which they operate. Consequently, we offer tailored programmes designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs and growing enterprises with tools for business development and to cultivate a network of collaborators and supportive instruments required to promote environmental and social entrepreneurship.

Apoyo directo a empresas

Permitiendo a las empresas ecoinclusivas desde su creación hasta su ampliación.

Nuestros programas de apoyo a las empresas ayudan directamente a las empresas individuales en múltiples niveles de desarrollo empresarial, desde las primeras fases de inspiración y creación de conceptos hasta la ampliación o la reproducción de modelos empresariales ecoinclusivos probados y de éxito en otras ubicaciones geográficas. MSMEs make up a large part of local economies and communities, and building resilience to future shocks is essential to protecting local incomes and long-term employment for communities. Por ello, SEED también ha ofrecido una serie de Talleres de Resiliencia para ayudar a las MIPYME a prepararse para lo desconocido.

Incubation Programmes

Acceleration Programmes

Ecosystem Building

Cultivating collaboration, policy and financing to support eco-inclusive entrepreneurship.
Our Ecosystem Building programmes cultivate networks of collaborators, finance and policy to support eco-inclusive entrepreneurship. We provide platforms for dialogue between local, national and international stakeholders and work to improve the quality of relations between these stakeholders and enterprises.

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