Green The Map opens "Remakery India", a local upcycle space

Authors: Green The Map Source: Green The Map
After months of hard work Green The Map's team has successfully curated an upcycled space that we call the @indiaremakery where customers can borrow, batter and buy so that less of what we consume ends up in the landfill. The doors to Remakery India open to public on 14 September 2019. Read more

Sanedi signs contract with SolarTurtle to develop next-gen solar kiosks

Authors: Schalk Burger Source: Engineering News
The South African National Energy Development Institute (Sanedi), the Department of Science and Technology (DST) and community empowerment solar photovoltaic (PV) product developer SolarTurtle have signed a contract to develop the next-generation SolarTurtle solar energy kiosk, called the BabyTurtle. Read more

WASHKing runner-up wins €10,000 at Siemens Empowering People Award

Authors: Siemens Stiftung Source: Siemens Stiftung
2017 SAG-SEED Award Winner WASHKing who provides low-income and underserved communities with access to sanitation products at an affordable price has won runner-up place at the Empowering People Award by Siemens Stiftung. #epA2019 Read more

Mobile-Enabled Microinsurance for Climate Resilient Agriculture | Climate Finance, Uganda 2018

Published: 09 July 2019Authors: Alina Weiss, Maggie Sloan
The mobile-enabled microinsurance solution catalyses mobile-based technology to increase access to and improve the quality of agriculture insurance solutions offered to small-scale agribusinesses in Uganda. This product insures small-scale agribusinesses who produce commercial crops against production losses, monitored using real-time weather indexing. Product delivery, servicing and claims pay-outs are facilitated by a network of insurance agents supported by local-level representatives and mobile-money and communication technology. Read more

Syndicate for Renewable Energy Infrastructure Financing | Climate Finance, Uganda 2018

Published: 09 July 2019Authors: Alina Weiss, Maggie Sloan
The syndicate for renewable energy infrastructure financing solution contracts a community of interested debt and equity lenders to finance household RE projects. It enables and leverages syndication effects to increase the number of new financial partnerships, raise debt in the RE sector and multiply returns on investments. Investors are legally bound in the syndicate, which finances RE infrastructure projects based on comprehensive project analysis, due diligence and evaluation. High ROI potential projects receive financing through insurance, blended financing or otherwise, depending on the financing service offerings of member financiers. The syndicate supports RE infrastructure projects to plan project implementation and schedules payments accordingly. Read more

Irrigation System Microleasing for High-Value Crops | Climate Finance, Uganda 2018

Published: 08 July 2019Authors: Alina Weiss, Maggie Sloan
The irrigation system microleasing for high-value crops solution mitigates investment risks for both farmers and financial institutions. The irrigation system financing model directs financing for climate-smart irrigation technologies through technology providers to agribusinesses that produce (or have the potential to produce) commercial crops that generate higher profits at market. The financing mechanism for irrigation systems engages the private sector to maximise returns on investment in productive farm assets (specifically irrigation) in the agriculture sector. Read more

EcoAct Tanzania wins at 2019 Le Monde Cities Urban Innovation Awards

Authors: Par Marion Douet Source: Le Monde
2018 SEED Low Carbon Awards winner EcoAct Tanzania wins "Habitat" award at the 2019 Le Monde Cities Urban Innovation Awards. The Awards was presented on June 28 in Paris, France. EcoAct recycles and transforms plastic waste into sustainable building materials as an alternative to wood with the aim to preserve forests and mitigate negative climate change effects. [Article in French] Read more

Gorilla Conservation Coffee shortlisted for the 2019 Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa.

Authors: Tusk News Source: Tusk News
The Duke Of Cambridge Celebrates Tusk's Front-Line Conservation Heroes: Dr Gladys Kalema-Zikusoka of Gorilla Conservation Coffee has been shortlisted for the 2019 Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa. Read more

Daily Dump featured at VAM's Food: Bigger Than The Plate exhibition

Authors: Victoria and Albert Museum Source: Victoria and Albert Museum
SEED Low Carbon Award Winner 2018 Daily Dump (India) features their home-compost products at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London) exhibition on innovative individuals, communities and organisations who are radically re-inventing how we grow, distribute and experience food. The Exhibition is on now until Sunday, 20 October 2019. Read more

Lighting up rural South Africa with SolarTurtle

Published: 21 June 2019Authors: Linde Wolters, Sonya Ong
Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, James Van der Walt tell us how being on a ferry in Ireland and a monastery in New Zealand inspired the founding of his eco-inclusive business idea. These days, they’re busy with SANEDI working on developing Baby Turtles which would be smaller, cheaper versions of their original prototype. Read more

From waste to wealth: the story of alternative fuel enterprise BioAfriq

Published: 20 June 2019Authors: Linde Wolters, Sonya Ong
We caught up with BioAfriq founders and SEED Starter alumni Doreen Achieng Ochieng-Ivisu and James Nyamai, the husband and wife who recently were selected to join the Kenya Acceleration Programme 2019 by CIC Kenya. Their story started when they realised the damage charcoal was doing to their country, where tree cover is at only 3%. In this catch-up, they talk about separating their private from their business life, the difficulty of changing farmer mindsets and why BioAfriq is here to stay. Read more

Services SETA ECDi shares outcomes of BDS Standard presentation

Authors: Source: Services SETA ECDi
Dr Tsiliso Tamasane – Services SETA and Mr Div de Villiers – SEED SA, presented the draft Discussion Paper on “Improving the Quality of Business Advisory Services (BAS) in South Africa” at the Annual SEED South Africa Symposium on 03 April 2019. The Discussion Paper was jointly issued by the Department of Small Business Development (DSBD), SEDA, SEED and the Services SETA ECDi. Read more

Cool clean tech to tackle climate change

Authors: Source: Green Times
As showcased during the SEED South Africa Symposium 2019, South African entrepreneurs are taking climate change seriously: Water filters made from macadamia nut shells, a mobile solar-powered kiosk for charging phones in off-grid areas, vegetable growing systems using recycled plastic bags, and a machine that turns any type of waste into energy (gas) or diesel. Read more

SANEDI & SolarTurtle develop next generation of green enterprises for grassroots communities

Authors: SolarTurtle Source: SA Innovation Summit
The South African National Energy Development Institute (SANEDI) has partnered with the Department of Science and Technologies (DST), and SolarTurtle to development the next generation SolarTurtle solar energy kiosks – The BabyTurtle. Read more

Policy pathways for eco-inclusive enterprise support in Malawi | Policy Landscape Paper

Published: 01 April 2019Authors: Benita Rose, Christine Meyer
The transition to a green, inclusive, and climate-smart Malawi requires collaborative efforts from the public sector, civil society, and the private sector. Micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are important drivers of growth in Malawi, particularly in emerging economies, andmaking cross-sector partnerships are critical to co-creatinge an enabling environment for enterprises with inclusive and climate-smart business models.

This input paper provides a snapshot of the ecosystem in which eco-inclusive small and growing enterprises operate. By identifying areas where further support is needed, this paper serves as an input to the SEED Policy Prototyping Programme, in which stakeholders across sectors collaborate to co-create policy instruments designed to build a more enabling ecosystem for eco-inclusive entrepreneurs. Read more

BioAfriq Energy Limited, SEED Starter Alumnus, wins TOTAL KENYA STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR AWARD

Authors: Source: Startupper of the Year
BioAfriq Energy Limited (SEED Starter participant) has been awarded the TOTAL KENYA STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR AWARD. The enterprise provides affordable dehydration services to small and medium farmers, cooperatives and agricultural processing plants most of which do not have adequate funds to purchase food dehydrators and so incur huge post-harvest losses. Read more

Jardin Green Hope (Ngalée, De la terre à la terre), SEED Award Winner, is named top 15 in STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR AWARD in Burkina Faso

Authors: Source: Startupper of the Year
Jardin Green Hope (Ngalée, De la terre à la terre), SAG-SEED Award Winner in 2016, is named to top 15 finalists in the STARTUPPER OF THE YEAR AWARDS in Burkina Faso. The enterprise has installed the first industrial unit for organic fertiliser production and offers an innovative process capable of revitalising any type of organic waste. Read more

Kick-Off Lab | SEED Practitioner Labs Policy Prototyping

Published: 19 February 2019
The SEED Practitioner Labs Policy Prototyping programme in Malawi will include three hands-on and highly collaborative Practitioner Labs, beginning with the Kick-Off Lab on 09-10 April 2019 in Lilongwe. Read more

German Environment Minister Ms. Svenja Schulze visits Green the Map, SEED Award Winner (2016)

Published: 18 February 2019
German Environment Minister Ms. Svenja Schulze visited Green the Map, a local green initiative which manufactures upcycled products made from waste or organic materials, and provides environmental education for young people in New Delhi, India. Read more

SEED-supported enterprises applauded as green economy innovators at PAGE

Published: 15 January 2019
The 2019 PAGE Ministerial Conference drew attention to "Advancing Inclusive and Sustainable Economies" on 10 and 11 January 2019. By participating in the conference in Cape Town, South Africa, SEED highlighted the importance of supporting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to realising and strengthening inclusive and green economies. Read more

Eco-inclusive enterprises get a stake in green economy agendas during GEC discussions

Published: 14 January 2019
SEED backed smaller eco-inclusive enterprises to #GetAStake in the Green Economy transition during action-oriented discussions at the Green Economy Coalition Global Meeting 2019. Read more

Climate-smart innovation and how to adopt a polar bear

Published: 21 December 2018Authors: Kathrin Kirsch
Florian Rehm, participant from our Practitioner Lab Climate Finance in Thailand, developed the cutting-edge prototype for Last of Ours that merges digital innovation based on the blockchain, social entertainment and real-world impact for our planet’s endangered species and natural zones. Read more

Wildchain: A Non-profit Conservation Innovation Lab | Climate Finance, Thailand 2018

Published: 20 December 2018Authors: Kathrin Kirsch, Marlena Kiefl
Wildchain brings people together to protect our planet’s endangered species and ecosystem by creating shared value between social entertainment and real-world impact. Wildchain lets people digitally adopt and raise some of earth’s rarest species within a digital sanctuary they can call home. Users are passively contributing to conservation and reforestation projects solely by participating in this entertainment ecosystem. Users may also actively allocate where their donations go on a fully transparent kickstarter-like platform which will represent the impact they have created. Read more

Gold Standard Programme of Activities: Unlocking the carbon market for waste-management enterprises | Climate Finance, India 2018

Published: 20 December 2018Authors: Kathrin Kirsch
The Gold Standard Programme of Activity (PoA) for Waste Management Start-Ups developed by VNV Advisory and GIZ is an umbrella programme that bundles several emissions reducing activities that can earn carbon credits. The PoA enables carbon revenue for SMEs including small-scale projects involved in waste management in key community-oriented areas such as households and commercial waste. Read more

New Ventures: Portfolio Level Debt Facility for Clean Energy | Climate Finance, India 2018

Published: 20 December 2018Authors: Kathrin Kirsch
The Portfolio Level Debt Facility for Clean Energy Enterprises is targeted towards closing the debt funding gap in the RE sector by creating a corpus for a portfolio of clean energy social enterprises. This aims to create enhanced impact and an overarching ecosystem development for RE off-grid enterprises, catalysing the
uptake of renewable energy in India and especially reaching last-mile communities. Read more