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Evidence-based insights into eco-inclusive business models and contributions to sustainable development.

Beating plastic pollution with business innovation on World Environment Day 2018

Published: 04 June 2018Authors: Maggie Sloan, Sonya Ong
At SEED, we celebrate and support innovative enterprises around the globe who integrate social and environmental objectives into their business models. On World Environment Day, we would like to give a shout out to enterprises who #BeatPlasticPollution everyday through their innovative products and eco-inclusive value chains. Read more

Driving conservation through sustainable tourism enterprises

Published: 15 December 2016Authors: Mariska van Gaalen
Along the coast of Kenya, just north of Mombasa, the Watamu National Marine Park and Reserves grace the coastline. In recent years, however, Watamu has struggled with increased solid waste pollution. Read more

Shaping Sustainable Development Policies to Scale the Impacts of Eco-entrepreneurship

Published: 20 October 2015Authors: Amélie Heuër
A few weeks ago I was in Nairobi where we (SEED) held our annual SEED Africa Symposium. The event was the biggest one yet, with over 500 representatives from government agencies, the private sector, civil society organisations and academic institutions from 34 countries; all gathering to build bridges for impact. Read more

Case Study: Watamu Community Solid Waste Management and Recycling Enterprises

Published: 07 September 2015
Watamu Solid Waste Management and Recycling helps conserve coastal and marine biodiversity by recycling plastic and glass waste. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Watamu Community Solid Waste Management and Recycling Enterprises

Published: 30 August 2011
The initiative deals with solid waste pollution in Watamu Marine Park and Reserve beaches and nearby villages. By combining environmental welfare and conservation tasks with community empowerment, employment and alternative income generation, the initiative sets an example for community-based waste management. Read more