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Crowdfunding Campaigns That Need Your Support During COVID-19

Published: 28 April 2020
Crowdfunding is one way businesses are staying afloat during these difficult times, to mitigate their COVID-related financial losses and hopefully bounce back stronger. Here is a list of campaigns launched by enterprises. These campaigns aim to provide financial and non-financial support to health facilities and people in vulnerable conditions. We invite you to support these if you can! Read more

SEED Low Carbon Award 2019 finalist Stonesoup featured on 'the better India'

Authors: Charu Chowdhary Source: The better India
SEED Low Carbon Award 2019 finalist Stonesoup featured on 'the better India' to share their knowledge on terrace gardening. Stonesoupe provides home composting kits and other eco-friendly products that enable people to reduce their household waste and grow their own food. Read more

What role for eco-entrepreneurship in the Post-2015 agenda?

Published: 19 June 2015Authors: Anais Mangin, Helen Marquard
The Millennium Development Goals have shaped development cooperation in the last 15 years, and there has been progress towards eliminating poverty worldwide. Nevertheless, much remains to be done. Read more

The Observer features stories about five SEED Winners in a special on climate change

Published: 26 May 2015
How can local communities help to save the environment and better their lives? To answer this question the Observer Tech Monthly of the Guardian spoke with Helen Marquard, Executive Director of SEED. Read more

Making green and social entrepreneurship work for all in the developing world

Published: 01 June 2014Authors: Amélie Heuër, Helen Marquard
With the target date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaching, consultations are taking place globally to draw out insights that can contribute to the “Post-2015 Development Agenda and Framework”. Read more

SEED celebrates the success of former SEED Award winner on International Day for Biological Diversity

Published: 21 May 2014
This year the IBD has the overarching theme Island Biodiversity, paying tribute to the fact that islands and their surrounding near-shore marine areas constitute unique ecosystems. Read more

Case Study: Blue Ventures

Published: 07 September 2012
“Madagascar’s first community-run marine protected area” is a partnership between local people, research institutes, NGOs and a commercial fishing company and focuses on marine conservation and sustainable livelihoods along the southwest coast of Madagascar. Read more

2005 SEED Winner, Blue Ventures, has real national impact

Published: 14 July 2011
Madagascar is working towards a national plan for marine turtle conservation. Read more

SEED Award Winners make headlines

Published: 05 January 2011
Three SEED Award Winners have been featured by other initiatives and organisations. Read more

2005 SEED Winner Blue Ventures is one of the 12 finalist in the BBC World Challenge

Published: 23 July 2010
Through an annual award, the World Challenge has identified, for the past six years, projects or small businesses from around the world that have shown enterprise and innovation at a grass roots level. Read more

2005 SEED Winner Blue Ventures receives the 2010 Condé Nast Environmental Award

Published: 03 November 2009
Blue Ventures who was one the 2005 SEED winners for initiating Madagascar's first community-run marine protected area, has now been awarded the 2010 Condé Nast Environmental Award. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Madagascar's first community-run marine protected area

Published: 22 August 2005
A partnership between the local community, international NGOs and research institutions aims to demonstrate the economic, conservation and fisheries benefits of Madagascar’s first community-run Marine Protected Area (MPA). Read more

From Cows to Kilowatts and Berries into Businesses - Winners of the First Seed Awards Announced

Published: 20 April 2005
The winners were selected from a pool of over 260 entries from 66 countries, representing 1,200 organisations. Read more

Twelve Sustainable Development Partnerships Announced as Finalists for the 2005 SEED Awards

Published: 19 November 2004
The twelve finalists of the first biennial SEED Awards were announced tonight at a reception at the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress in Bangkok. Read more