2009 SEED winner from the Cook Islands expands to Africa and Asia

Published: 03 June 2010
The initiative 'Innovative oyster, fish and algae aqua-farming' in the Cook Islands was one of the 2009 SEED Winners. The initiative co-farms fish with shellfish and micro-algae in inland ponds, drawing on the tropical climate, natural nutrient cycles and new harvesting technologies. It will now expand to Nigeria and Pakistan. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Innovative oyster, fish and algae aqua-farming

Published: 24 August 2009
Since 2006, the tropical multi-species aqua-farm has contributed to food security by providing sustainable supplies of organic oysters, milkfish and tilapia. More recently, they also cultivate micro-algae as livestock feed for fish. The initiative furthermore creates a local source of income and employment. Read more