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Beating plastic pollution with business innovation on World Environment Day 2018

Published: 04 June 2018Authors: Maggie Sloan, Sonya Ong
At SEED, we celebrate and support innovative enterprises around the globe who integrate social and environmental objectives into their business models. On World Environment Day, we would like to give a shout out to enterprises who #BeatPlasticPollution everyday through their innovative products and eco-inclusive value chains. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Centre de Recyclage des Sachets Plastiques du GAFREH

Published: 29 August 2011
Founded in 2003 by GAFREH, an association of women artisans, the recycling centre makes eco-friendly fashion goods and decorative handicraft products out of used plastic bags. The initiative provides an innovative solution to pollution caused by plastic waste in Burkina Faso, whilst encouraging women to become commercially auto nomous. Read more