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Rebooting the economy during and after COVID-19 crisis by supporting eco-inclusive enterprises

Published: 28 May 2020Authors: Ebenezer Kumi, Jonas Restle-Steinert
In many emerging countries like Ghana, reducing the impact of COVID-19 and charting the path to a regenerative economy during and after the pandemic may not lie in big financial stimulus packages for all types of businesses in general. A targeted and tailored support for eco-inclusive SMEs that are more concerned about social and environmental issues is essential. Read more

SEED Mauritius Dialogue Forum 2017

Published: 06 September 2017
The Mauritius Dialogue Forum hosted by SEED and NELIS (Next Leaders Initiative for Sustainability) was held on August 8th in Port Louis. The event brought together around 50 stakeholders from enterprises, the policy level and key support organisations. Read more

Meet the 2017 SWITCH Africa Green-SEED Award Winners

Published: 13 July 2017
The 15 winners of this year’s SWITCH Africa Green -SEED Awards were  announced during the UN High Level Political Forum 2017 in New York. Read more

SEED Mauritius Dialogue Forum 2017

Published: 11 July 2017
The Mauritius Dialogue Forum hosted by SEED and NELIS (Next Leaders Initiative for Sustainability) was held on August 8th in Port Louis. The Dialogue Forum addressed how we can unlock the full potential of eco-inclusive enterprises in Mauritius. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Walali Company Limited

Published: 12 June 2017
Walali adds value to octopus and red bean – two products entrenched in the local culture of Rodrigues Island. The locally sourced raw materials are processed and packaged in retort pouches at the local production facility and marketed in Rodrigues and Mauritius. Read more

SEED exhibits at PAGE Ministerial Conference in Berlin

Published: 31 March 2017
As one of 15 selected “Green Economy Pioneers” SEED was invited to demonstrate its innovative approaches. Read more

Replicating successful business models - Moving from lighthouses to a network of street lamps

Published: 05 September 2016Authors: Christine Meyer
It is a challenge to transition to a low carbon economy while improving the well-being of the world’s nine billion people. By replicating proven solutions, positive impact from eco-inclusive enterprises can spread, and facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy while also improving social conditions as set in the SDGs. Read more

Agriculture: Re-thinking an old industry

Published: 16 June 2016Authors: Carolin Ehrensperger
Agriculture still plays an essential role in the economy, and particular for employment on the African continent. Mozambique is no exception. In 2011, the agricultural sector contributed to almost one-third of the country’s GDP and provided a living for 80% of the working population. Read more

From trash to cash: How to turn waste back into a valuable resource

Published: 09 March 2016Authors: Carolin Ehrensperger
Worldwide heaps of waste are expected to double by 2015 according to the World Bank. The majority of it is burned, dumped into landfills or ends up in our oceans. The small minority of the waste we are producing is taken for what it really is: an important resource. Read more

Plates from Fallen Leaves, Bricks from Plastic Waste and Sight Saving Mobile Apps – Green Innovation Highlighted at 2015 SEED Awards

Published: 09 September 2015
27 eco-inclusive enterprises are recognized at the 2015 SEED Africa Symposium. Read more

Building Inclusive Value Chains

Published: 27 August 2015Authors: Carolin Ehrensperger, Mareike Grytz
How can people living at the base-of-the-pyramid (BoP) be integrated into global value chains and improve their livelihood on a long-term perspective? One answer clearly is: by fostering Inclusive Business Models (IBM). Read more

Enterprise Brief: Terra Nova Waste to Farming

Published: 06 July 2015
Terra Nova Waste to Farming employs individuals in vulnerable conditions to produce natural fertiliser out of organic urban waste. The compost reduces the amount of urban solid waste at local dumps and improves soil fertility and crop yields in the region. Read more

SEED Winners stand out in International Climate Initiative (IKI) photo contest

Published: 24 April 2015
The International Climate Initiative (IKI) invited all IKI projects and their partners to participate in a photo competition themed „IMPACTS“. Twelve winning photos were selected, among them the SEED Low Carbon Award Winners Un Litro de Luz (Colombia) and Nuru Energy (Uganda). Read more

Making green and social entrepreneurship work for all in the developing world

Published: 01 June 2014Authors: Amélie Heuër, Helen Marquard
With the target date for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) approaching, consultations are taking place globally to draw out insights that can contribute to the “Post-2015 Development Agenda and Framework”. Read more

Enterprise Brief: Fundación Un Litro de Luz Colombia

Published: 30 August 2013
Litre of Light Colombia produces ecological light bulbs made from PET plastics. Bottles are filled with water and bleach and then installed on the roofs of houses. Each bottle creates the light equivalent of a 60 W light bulb without requiring electricity. Read more

The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) Global Marketing Partnership: From vision to global outreach

Published: 31 October 2010
One of the first SEED Winners in 2005, the SRI Global Marketing Partnership has become the catalyst for an international enterprise spanning a good number of countries in Africa and Asia. Read more

Coming to a Supermarket Near You

Published: 26 May 2010
From only a vision and informal association of diverse partners, the SRI Global Marketing Partnership (System of Rice Intensification), one of the 2005 SEED award winners, has become the catalyst for an international enterprise spanning several countries and exporting many tons of certified organic and fair trade rice grown by small farm families. SRI-produced specialty rice is now available in retail stores. Read more

Enterprise Brief: A Global Marketing Partnership for SRI Indigenous Rice

Published: 22 August 2005
Farming communities, a research institute, NGOs, and businesses collaborate to market indigenous varieties of rice grown with SRI (System of Rice Intensification) methods, thereby improving incomes, conserving biodiversity, and benefiting health and the environment. Read more

From Cows to Kilowatts and Berries into Businesses - Winners of the First Seed Awards Announced

Published: 20 April 2005
The winners were selected from a pool of over 260 entries from 66 countries, representing 1,200 organisations. Read more

Twelve Sustainable Development Partnerships Announced as Finalists for the 2005 SEED Awards

Published: 19 November 2004
The twelve finalists of the first biennial SEED Awards were announced tonight at a reception at the 3rd IUCN World Conservation Congress in Bangkok. Read more