Annual Reports

SEED Annual Reports celebrate and summarise major innovative achievements in eco-inclusive entrepreneurship facilitated through SEED activities in the year. The reports cover programme-specific impacts, SEED on the global stage, insights into organisational development and more.

SEED Annual Report 2023

Published: 15 February 2024
In 2023, SEED has been hard at work supporting SMEs and promoting their crucial role in advancing sustainable and eco-friendly future, as well as fostering the transition to a circular economy. We are delighted to share some of our most meaningful achievements and activities, as we reflect on the passing year. Read more

SEED Annual Report 2022

Published: 04 May 2023
2022 is a special year for SEED, not only celebrating 20 years but also drawing lessons from activities and various projects, initiating new collaborations while looking forward to 2023 and beyond, being better informed and equipped to contribute to urgent transformative change with and through SMEs. The 2022 Annual Report highlights SEED activities and achievements in terms of enterprise support, ecosystem building and advocacy. Read more

A Year at SEED | 2018

Published: 31 January 2019
Our annual visual report (A Year at SEED | 2018) celebrates achievements across both our Direct Enterprise Support and Ecosystem Building programmes plus shares our involvement in key high-level dialogues and milestones in organisational development, while introducing you to this year's SEED Low Carbon Award Winners who offer innovative solutions for climate change adaptation and mitigation. Read more

SEED Annual Report 2016

Published: 28 July 2017Authors: Arab Hoballah, Christine Meyer, Jona Liebl, Kay Eunkyung Kang, Marion Müller vom Berge, Sonya Ong
This Annual Report guides you through the innovative ways that SEED has advanced in 2016 to serve as an active thought leader in the realm of eco-inclusive entrepreneurship for sustainable development, while also introducing to you this year’s SEED Winners that are all individually driving sustainable development forward in their communities and in their countries. Read more

SEED Annual Report 2015

Published: 07 July 2016Authors: Allison Robertshaw, Jona Liebl, Marion Müller vom Berge, Rainer Agster
2015 was also a special year for SEED, in which the partnership celebrated 10 Years of SEED Awards, and took the opportunity to take stock and publish a comprehensive Flagship Report that looked not only on the success of former SEED Winners and the lessons learnt over those 10 Years of SEED Awards, but also on opportunities that could help increase the impact of locally-driven social and environmental entrepreneurship in the years to come. This and more you will find in the Anual Report Read more

SEED Annual Report 2014

Published: 17 December 2014Authors: Amélie Heuër, Anais Mangin, Helen Marquard, Jona Liebl, Mirko Zürker, Rainer Agster
2014 was truly exceptional; a year where SEED recognised over forty new SEED Winners - remarkable enterprises that generate grassroots eco-solutions at the grassroots. This and more great SEED achievements in our annual report. Read more

SEED Annual Report 2013

Published: 18 December 2013
Looking back, 2013 has been a particularly good year for SEED, a year marked particularly by the selection of the 34 new SEED Winners - remarkable exemplars of social and environmental entrepreneurs at the grassrootsand by growing interest internationally in the programme, but also by new partnerships to build on those that have been essential in SEED’s growth so far. Read more

SEED Annual Report 2012

Published: 18 April 2013
In 2012, SEED has not only continued to work with a record number of inspiring and innovative grassroots social and environmental enterprises all over the world, but has also formed new partnerships and participated in major events which contributed to the promotion of both gender equality and the green economy. Read more

SEED Annual Report 2011

Published: 18 April 2011
2011 was a remarkable year for SEED, where a record number of SEED winners were awarded. Read more

SEED Annual Report 2010

Published: 23 August 2010
The SEED Annual Report 2010 covers SEED’s progress and developments in 2010, as well as information on the SEED Award Winners and SEED Gold Winners from 2009: how SEED helps its winners to establish scale up; and tools developed by SEED for social and environmental entrepreneurs. Read more

SEED Annual Report 2009

Published: 23 August 2009
SEED 2009 Annual Report sets out our main activities and achievements for the period from May 2006 - December 2008. Read more